Monday, July 27

viva las vegas

I just wanted to share a few pictures from our big family vacation to Las Vegas! (By big family vacation I mean BIG family vacation: Andrew's entire immediate family packed up and headed for Vegas for a little fun and togetherness...) Let me just tell you that it was soooo hot out there! Everyone says that it is a "dry heat", but if it is 110 degrees it still feels like you might pass out at any moment. Seriously.

Here's Max waiting on our plane. He loved the airport--I think he could have watched the planes take off all day.

Max and his cousins: Pepper and Noah. So cute all of them together!

We went to the M&M was pandemonium. When Andrew and I went to Vegas before I remember going and thinking that it was a nightmare type situation. Kids packed in EVERYWHERE. As a parent I sucked it up and went again. Max picked out his own M&M colors and seemed to love the giant candy people.

Max went "incognito" by the pool. Too funny.

Ah Paris...probably my favorite casino. Just like the real thing only cleaner. Ooh la la!

We had a really great time--I always love getting away for a little while. I always love coming home too. I was anxious to see how the garden was doing--and let me tell you, weeds can grow like CRAZY when left unattended for a week. Yikes. Max and I went to the garden to check everything and I felt like I needed one of those bicycle flags on him so I didn't loose him in the jungle.

Looks like we'll be doing a little (or a lot) of garden clean up work this week!

Friday, July 17

ancient history - day 4

Well, the Ancient History art camp is all wrapped up! Today we finished our mini Parthenons (super cute!) and practiced our hands at Greek pottery design. We finished up with an art show/reception for all the artists tonight. I had to include a picture here of my own little artist...he looks so old in this picture! I asked him today if he wanted to come to art camp one day and he said: "" Maybe he'll change his mind!

Thursday, July 16

ancient history - day 3

Today was a little bit messy here at the art studio--I tend to underestimate the mess that can be made by 7 girls + paint + water. (My paper towel usage was at an all time high today!)

Today we used cardboard rolls to begin our own versions of the Greek Parthenon. (A million thanks to Bryan for supplying us with all the cardboard! They worked great!) I can't wait to see them all completed tomorrow. Also, I wanted to share some finished mosaics. They turned out so pretty!

Wednesday, July 15

ancient history - day 2

Another fun day of art camp! Today the girls (all girls again--I promise, boys are invited too!) worked some more on their mummy paintings, then we talked about a different ancient culture: Rome. What are those little squares, you ask? Little tiles for mosaics! I think the students really liked this project: creating a picture using lots and lots of little squares. More pictures of the finished product tomorrow.

On a completely different note: We had the first "big" harvest from our garden yesterday! We are in green bean heaven. (Thanks Mom for picking those while I was at the studio!) I have decided that there isn't much more satisfying than eating something that you grew. Just a couple months ago Max helped us plant those beans...and now we're eating them! I am especially anxious for the tomatoes to be ready. I see lots of tomato sandwiches in my future.

Tuesday, July 14

ancient history - day 1

Today was the first day of "Ancient History"--an art camp all about the most famous ancient civilizations of the world: Egypt, Greece and Rome. Today was all about Egypt. We practiced drawing our name in hieroglyphics, made scrolls, and started our own mummy paintings.

Saturday, July 11

a little request

So I'm getting ready for art camp round 2, and I want to do a project where I will need some paper towel cardboard things. (You know, the thing you throw away after you use all the paper towels.) If anyone is interested in recycling some I would love to have them! Art camp is next week, (I know, late notice!) and we'll probably do this particular project on Thursday. Thanks, thanks, thanks!

Yay for recycling!