Friday, June 26

art around the world - day 4

Home again, home again...we traveled back home to the United States this morning during art camp. The students painted rocks using family clan symbols of the Hopi Indians. The Hopi Indians lived in the southwest: Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado. How fun to paint rocks!

Today was the last day of art camp, but we are having our art show/reception on Sunday. It is always so neat to hang up all their work together. It makes my studio look so vibrant! I'll be sure to share lots of pictures of the art show next week.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend--try not to melt!

Thursday, June 25

art around the world - day 3

Today's art camp led us to Africa, where we made African tribal masks (just wait until you see the finished products--they are so cute) and kente cloth designs. I think the girls--did I mention that I had all girls in my camp?--had the most fun when they took their masks to the "hair salon" where we adorned them with a very special raffia hair-do.

On a completely different note: Last night Andrew made it home earlier than usual, so we went out to the garden to move some of the tomato cages around. I had cages over my cantaloupe plants because when they were planted they were so tiny that we didn't want to forget where they were. Now they are huge (going crazy, vines everywhere) that they don't need the cages. Some of the tomatoes needed cages now, hence the cage moving. Anyway, Andrew was trying to take the cage off one of the melon plants and he ripped most of the plant out of the ground! Gasp! I think he may officially be fired from the garden. (I am only kidding, Andrew. You did a wonderful job with the irrigation system. AKA the sprinkler.)

Wednesday, June 24

art around the world - day 2

Today our little art camp adventure led us to Australia. The students made their own animal "dreaming"--an artwork filled with dots similar to the work of the Aborigines . (They used q-tips instead of paintbrushes to get a nice round dot.) I just realized that the pictures I took were "pre-dot"--I'll take a picture of a finished one tomorrow.

I also wanted to share one of the student's Hokusai style landscape from yesterday--so neat!

Tuesday, June 23

art around the world - day 1

Today was the first day of "Art Around the World"--my June art camp for kids! Today we "traveled" to Japan where we made sensu style fans (folding fans) and got a start on our Hokusai landscapes. (Hokusai was a very famous Japanese landscape artist. He painted and created woodblock prints.)

All the students also got a passport to record their journey around the world. (I took pictures of them all so we can glue them in our passports tomorrow. I promised them that they would be better pictures than the usual passport pictures! I look like death warmed over in my passport!)

I think all the students had fun today--I will fill you in on our trip to Australia tomorrow!

Friday, June 19

arts walk tomorrow

If you are in the Farmland area tomorrow and looking for something to do, you should check out our first annual Arts Walk! There will be local artists selling their wares, plus a fun project for kids to do. (Cross our fingers for no rain!) Come downtown between 10 and 2 to check it out.

Tuesday, June 9

strawberry picking (and eating)

Lately Max and I have been doing lots and lots of strawberry picking--and eating of course. I've never had a strawberry patch before, so this is a new experience for us. When we go outside to play and check the garden Max always wanders off to the little patch and has a little snack. (I especially love the strawberry/dirt mess he gets all over his face.)

So far we haven't had enough strawberries to make jam or anything like that--so we are just enjoying a little daily treat.

As far as I'm concerned it doesn't get much better than eating strawberries right from the vine.