Thursday, May 28

summer art camp information

As I mentioned in my last post, I am putting on a couple summer art camps for kids at my studio! Last year was the first year that I did summer camps, and I really enjoyed it. (I think the kids did too!)

"Art Around the World"
In June we will be traveling the globe as we learn about art from all over the world. We will learn about unique and different cultures as we study the art that they make. Each student will get their own "passport" to record their journey--and make lots of art along the way too!

"Ancient History"
In the month of July we will go back in time to Rome, Greece, and Egypt and create art inspired by these ancient civilizations. King Tut! The Colloseum! Greek Pottery! (And more!)

Each camp if followed up with a special art opening and reception for all of the students and their families. Each student also gets a special camp t-shirt!

For complete dates and times and all the details, please visit my page on the Historic Farmland website. There you can print pages for each camp!

Tuesday, May 26

here I am!

Gosh, its been a while! About three weeks! Blogging kept getting shoved to the back of my to-do list, and after that long its hard to know where to start! (I wanted to start with some birthday boy pictures--Max just turned 2!--but for some reason my laptop is not wanting to cooperate.) So, I decided a little list would also be a good way to update:

1. We got my garden all planted! Tomatoes, peppers, green beans, etc. So excited! (I am not so excited that someone ate a couple of my Big Boy tomato plants...)
2. As I mentioned before, Max turned 2! He was so cute opening his presents and loved it when we sang "Happy Birthday" to him.
3. Every room but one in the downstairs of our house has been painted now. That's a lot of paint.
4. Max and I have been playing a lot in his sandbox. Don't you love sandboxes?
5. My peonies are starting to bloom!
6. Andrew has been working (almost) non-stop now that the rain finally let up and it is dry enough to plant. As you can imagine he is very tired!
7. Max's new favorite game is hide-and-seek. (The way he plays is that he "hides" behind a tree while I count to 5 or so, then he jumps out. Funny.)
8. I'm working on my plans for summer art camp at the studio! I'll let you know when the link is up on the Farmland website for the flyers.
9. I have a new favorite candy: Mike and Ikes. Yum. (I've had them before, but for some reason they taste better than I remember.)

Hopefully my blogging will be a little less spread out--and hopefully one day my laptop will release the pictures that it is holding hostage!

Monday, May 4

april in pictures

Another month all wrapped up! Can you believe it?

I have a small confession to make. On the 28th of April I FORGOT to take a picture. Just forgot! I was so mad. So, in order to keep my project going I just took an extra picture from another day and put it on the 28th. I was doing so good, too! Oh well, had I not told on myself no one would have ever known!

I'm getting all excited to put in my first garden this year--so hopefully I'll have some fun garden pictures soon!