Wednesday, February 25

a letter to spring

Dear Spring,

I know what you're up to. You've done it to me before, and I don't think I can go through it again. I know in February you are nothing but a flirt: filling the sky with sunshine, warming up the temperatures and even sending all the birds out to sing! Then the next day you take it all away!

You still have the potential to break my heart in March. (Don't think I've forgotten about the late winter snow storms!) I'm sorry, but I just don't think I can trust you anymore.

Oh Spring, even after all you've done, I want you to know that I still love you. Even if it is only for a day it is always wonderful to see your beautiful face.



Tuesday, February 24

messy hands = happy hearts

Isn't it funny how happy kids are making messes? Any type of mess seems to do: food messes, toy messes, pulling everything out of drawers messes...

The best mess of all though, I think are the art messes. **Pictured above is my youngest art student (2!!), Karmen, making a little mess herself this morning.**

I love making some art messes too--and I realized today that I don't really make enough of them. I try too hard to make everything perfect, which usually doesn't work out very well. (Ironic how that works, isn't it?) I've forgotten how happy I can be when I allow myself to get a little lost in the process--it's very calming and restorative. Child-like I guess!

So, here's to more art messes. Oh, and I'm going to try my best to clean up after myself!

Monday, February 23

still life

Check out this little still life painting: it is by one of my students. Her name is Avery and she is in second grade. I know! What a grown up painting from a second grader! (Avery started coming for art lessons a while ago, I think even before she started kindergarten.) The wallpaper in the background was totally her idea. Lovely!

Tuesday, February 17


I took this picture of Max when we were in Savannah at a playground. (You know those tube things that you crawl through? That's what he's in.) I love those little fingers and those eyes!

Friday, February 13

more about moving

Like I mentioned in the last post, we're moving! We're not going too far--just a few miles northeast of where we are now. We're trading our little farmhouse for a slightly larger farmhouse. The reality of it all is starting to set in, and I actually packed up the first box today. I need to get serious about this packing business because we are planning to move the last week of March! Yikes!

More than packing, I am thinking of decorating. Currently our house is different shades of tan. Pretty, but not very exciting. So, I'm challenging myself to possibly try using some color in the new place. There's nothing I love more than collecting and looking at paint chips!

**One of my favorite memories from when I was little was when we went to a hardware store with Mom and she let my brother and I take home a huge stack of paint chips. We picked tons of colors. It was only a few years ago that I threw all those pretty samples away. Loved them. Thanks for that, Mom.**

Back to the decorating: I've always read in magazines that you should find an object you love and use it as a springboard to pick colors, etc. for a room. So, for our bedroom I picked an envelope that I got at an antique store somewhere in Italy. (Remember that, Italy girls?) I've always loved it--soft gray, green, red. If found some paint samples from Lowe's that I like--they happen to be from Martha's paint line: Moonshadow, Persimmon, Frog Pond, Peony Red...

Fun times here we come!

Tuesday, February 10

a painting dilemma

I'm having a little identity crisis as far as the painting goes...

I'm not really sure:
1) what I want to paint,
2) how I want to paint it
3) what type of paint (if any) I really want to work with
4) if it will be any good

This is not a new problem, I have these little self doubts that tend to hang out with me quite often. In part I think I feel guilty about having the opportunity to paint in general. Maybe that's why I tend to worry about this opportunity rather than fully embrace the freedom of it all. Plus I really don't know what I'm doing!

An artist friend of mine just told me to paint a lot and the rest will come. That's what I'll do--paint a lot and see what happens. I'll try not to worry about being any good, or any of that other stuff.

Whoa--that was a little "Debbie Downer"! To offset that, here is a short list of other stuff:

1) Max says tons of new words now, including: kitty, clock, sock, candy, & bubbles
2) My new favorite snack is the Rold Gold Pretzel Waves with Dark Chocolate. I could eat a whole bag at once. (Which isn't really that bad because the bags are deceiving. They don't have that many pretzels in them. Honest.)
3) I'm excited because American Idol is on tonight!
4) We're moving!!! Not very far--more about that later!

Thursday, February 5

it happened

I knew this day would come...the day that Max could climb out of his play pen. He didn't spend much time in there, just a little bit in the morning when I was showering/getting ready. I would put one of his dvds on and he would just hang out in there. Well, yesterday, he swung his little leg over, and very easily climbed out. I put him in again this morning hoping he had forgotten about his escape yesterday. Nope. Out pretty fast...

So, while I was getting ready this morning Max put on several different kinds of chapstick, went through all my nail polish, put all the shampoo and soap bottles in the tub, and pretty much emptied out all the drawers. Big mess.

Here's my little bit of advice for any new parents: When you start baby-proofing your home, go ahead and do all of it. Eventually your child will figure out how to climb out of the play pen and nothing is off limits!

Tuesday, February 3

january looked like this:

So far, so good...a picture a day for 2009. It is so fun to see a month's worth of pictures all together. I really hope I can make it the whole year. I'm predicting that I'll start to poop out around April--but hopefully I'm wrong about that. There are a couple pictures that I'm not to happy with from January, but they were from days when I forgot until late that I hadn't taken a picture yet. For those I had to use the flash, and they just don't turn out as good when you have to do that. (*I finally got it Mary-Ellen! No flash=better pictures!*)

Monday, February 2

snow + savannah


Max had his first snow experience last week on Wednesday--in 12+ inches! He absolutely loved it. Andrew and I were freezing, so we decided it was time to come in...I think Max would have stayed out for hours. I don't think you feel the cold as much when you're little.


On a much warmer note: We escaped the snow for a couple days in Savannah! Coats were still required, but there was not a flake anywhere. (It felt like a heat wave!) Look...we even spotted some flowers downtown!

Navigating the airport with a young child is a daunting task, but Max did very well. I bet it is funny to watch the three of us go through security and everything--we had like five of those tub things full of our stuff, plus the stroller and all our shoes. The days of traveling light are officially behind us. Luckily the have a special lane for the family crowd so the commuters and regular flyers don't get too mad.

While in Savannah we ate at the famous Lady and Son's restaurant--oh yum! And I got some pralines (which are sitting in a nice little box on the kitchen counter. I am trying to forget about them so I don't eat them all...). If you're ever in Savannah get some, they're awesome.

The best part of Savannah was cuddling with this little girl:

Oh Pepper, we miss you already! Our new little niece was pretty much the best part of the trip. (Even better than the pralines!)