Tuesday, January 27


Two posts in one day? What the heck is going on here? Well, one of my photos was posted on another blog! Neat! I submitted my little "farm animals on parade" picture and Becky Higgins (a scrapbooking "celebrity" I guess you would call her) posted it on her blog! Click here if you want to check it out.

I was just waiting for dinner to finish up and checking my daily blog rounds and there it was! A fun surprise.

This picture is a start of a project where I take some sort of photo every day for 2009, and at the end of the year put them all together somehow. I haven't mentioned it here because I wanted to see if I could make it a whole month without quitting. I think it will be good--already I feel it has stretched my creativity as far as photos go. I am looking forward to warmer days when I can do more photo stuff outside!


In February, the children's art class I'm teaching is all about animals! Fun! Many artists and cultures use animals as a theme in their artworks. (Above is an artwork by French artist Henri Matisse.) This class should be a lot of fun. The classes start on Wednesday, February 4th (4-5 pm), and continue on every Wednesday through the entire month. Call the Farmland Cultural Center for more info: 765.468.7631.

Saturday, January 24

more new paintings

I've added a few more little paintings to my Etsy shop! Go me. Hope you get a chance to check them out!

Happy Saturday!

Oh...in case you were wondering, the bird that flew in (and around) our house the other day was a starling.

Thursday, January 22

max's first painting

Max came with me to the studio this afternoon before my art lessons, so I decided it was time to try some painting. He seemed to really like it! Max likes to play with water any way he can, so when he suddenly had colored water he was super excited. I love watching a child make art. They are so absorbed in each little mark, and take such joy in the act of just making something.

(By the way, Max looks so old in this picture!! What happened to my baby?)

Tuesday, January 20

a little painting + no more birds

Here's a new little painting I did today. (A photo of it already? Aren't I with it!) I hope to do some more like this one...I have a bunch of little papers all cut and ready to go.

I added this painting of the little red flowers plus another to my Etsy shop. Hopefully I can get some more on there soon.

On another note:

Last night while I was making dinner we had a guest fly in, and I do mean literally fly in. A BIRD. A bird in the house. We don't know for sure how it got in, but we think it may have followed Andrew in when he came home from work. Max thought the whole thing was funny until I screamed and squeezed him too tight. After that we hid in the back office room while Andrew tried to catch it. Needless to say that was unsuccessful. Finally he propped open the door and we think it just flew out. (He didn't actually see it go out, but it wasn't flapping around anymore so we assumed it left.)

I was really freaked out by the whole thing, especially when I remembered that it is an old superstition that having a bird fly in your house is a really bad omen. Yikes!

This morning when I went outside to start the car there was a whole flock of birds (way more than usual) in the tree outside the door. Creepy. They had pooped all over the car! I feel like they were mocking me. Then I remembered that in some countries it is actually good luck to have a bird poop on you. (Have you seen Under the Tuscan Sun? A bird poops on Diane Lane in the movie and a guy tells her that it is a good omen.) So, I feel like the poop on the car cancels out the bird in the house. Don't you think?

By the way...I have decided that there won't be birds in my artwork for a while. I'm feeling too creeped out at the moment. (Take note: the new little paintings are of flowers. They don't fly in your house or poop on your car!

Friday, January 16

family fun day

Earlier in the week Andrew mentioned that he wouldn't be working today (yay!) and that we should have a little day of fun. I am a super dork and so I decided that today should be called "Family Fun Day." Or, in today's case "Freezing Family Fun Day." Here's what we did:

*Pathologists Associated: Nothing says "family fun" like getting blood drawn. Actually, I was really happy about this. I have decided that 2009 will be the year to get all our ducks in a row, including Andrew and I both getting all checked out by the doctor. I was not quite as excited once I realized that the doctor ordered 6 tubes of blood and I almost passed out. True story.

*McDonalds: The blood work required that we not eat for 8 hours. 8 hours is a long time!

*Bounce Zone: In Noblesville they have this completely indoor play place full of those inflatable jump things. At first Max was not a fan and clung to Andrew like he was terrified. After Andrew showed him what it was all about he warmed up and was bouncing all over the place in no time.

*Red Robin: Have you been to Red Robin? Oh my goodness it was really good! Max was especially excited because our table was next to a "neigh neigh" (horse). He's all about the horses.

*Home again home again: A fun day had by all. I think we'll do it again!

Thursday, January 15

farm animals on parade

Max got some little plastic farm animals for Christmas, and he loves them. I find them all over the house. A couple mornings ago I found a little parade of animals on the arm of our big chair. He was so proud of himself!

Wednesday, January 14

winter scene

Last Wednesday was the first meeting of the After School Art Club--a series of art classes for kids in Farmland's Cultural Center. The topic for January is Picasso, and last week the kids learned about Picasso's "Blue Period". (A little art history for you: during a point in his art career Picasso only used shades of blue and gray in his paintings. There is speculation about why, but I think most historians agree it was to express sadness over the death of a close friend.)

We decided to paint our own blue period paintings about winter. The kids could only use the colors blue, white and black, but they could mix them together however they wanted. Very cool, don't you think?

I hope everyone is staying warm today!!

Friday, January 9

eyelashes part 2

When Max was about 4 months old I got a close up picture of his beautiful eyelashes. I just took this new eyelash picture today. (Max is laying on the floor watching something on TV. I shot it also laying on the floor.) It shouldn't be fair that a boy gets those long lashes!!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, January 7

new planner

So I got a new planner. I love getting new planners and calendars--all the empty pages are so promising! I got a Moleskine daily planner and it is very neat. Very simple, one day per page. Love it. It has a little pocket in the back and a nice band to hold it shut. I am going to try and use it as my sketchbook too. (I am trying not to carry so many things around in my purse. You should be proud of me Laci!)

Anyway, so I love the planner. During an art lesson yesterday I had it out and accidentally spilled Diet Coke on it. Dang it! I was so mad! I hadn't even had it a week and I messed it up! It got on the edge of the pages and I was sure they would all wrinkle. But they didn't wrinkle! Just the page that was open got all messed up, the rest stayed good. Moleskine I am your new biggest fan!

*Note: the picture above has nothing to do with my new planner--I just thought it was pretty.*

Monday, January 5

reading, reading, reading

Both Max and I are currently absorbed into our new books that we got for Christmas. I love new books! Max will look at and "read" books by himself now, which is really cute. I especially love it when he crawls up in our big chair with a book. So cozy.

Other things:

* I hope to start a new series of little painting to put in my shop...if I ever get around to it! Nothing overly ambitious like last year's polaroid series, but something in a similar small format. I have too many ideas and not enough time!

* I'm starting some new art classes for kids at the Farmland Cultural Center. The January session starts on Wednesday. Check here for more info.

* I'm feeling the urge to clean out EVERYTHING. Happens every new year. Wonder how far I will get before I lose steam...