Tuesday, April 28

out of sorts and such

Since we've moved I've felt a little out of sorts. I am not too surprised--it always takes me a while to feel settled in somewhere, and I am always slow to adjust with change. One of the things I like to do when I am out of sorts is make a little list of things I like/make me happy, etc. Here's a little list for today:

1. Full tanks of gas
2. Finding a candy bar in your purse. (This just happened the other day--I bought one at the grocery, put it in my purse and forgot about it until the next day. Oh happy chocolate surprise!)
3. Lilacs
4. Getting things crossed off your to-do list
5. Impromptu dinners with my mom
6. Max tells me "thank you" for everything now. Unprompted. So cute.
7. Strawberries

Ah...feeling better already.

Tuesday, April 21

a new painting in progress

I've been working on a new little (or not so little--its pretty big actually) watercolor of Max. I haven't done a portrait in a long time, and I've never attempted one in watercolor. So far this painting has come along rather quickly, especially considering I spend about an hour (two if I'm lucky) a week on it. Plus it is really fun. I haven't really done any "realistic" type painting in a while, so this is a good change of pace. I don't have to think too hard, I can just paint away.

The picture I'm painting is of Max when we went on vacation to Florida when he was about 8 months old. He had this big floppy blue sun hat that he wore to the pool. Love that hat. So, the picture is actually a really close picture of his face, plus some of the hat.

I'll be sure and post a picture of the finished painting when it is all finished.

Saturday, April 18

a march mosaic

I finally got my March pictures all done! I love seeing the collage at the end--it is neat to be able to have a whole month visible in pictures. (I really like the months with an even number of days because they fit nicely into even rows of pictures. I hate how the 31st is just hanging out there by itself!)

Tuesday, April 14

oh my gosh--hi!

We've finally moved everything into the house (as of Saturday night) and are starting to get settled. We're in the stage of moving where all your stuff is in the right house, but you can't find anything that you want. Isn't it fun. Luckily, all of the boxes are stashed upstairs out of the way, so I only have to do a couple a day. (This is a good approach unless you need to find something. I may need to pick up the pace a little bit.)

It is funny when you move to a different house--it takes some time to get to know each other. So, I'm trying not to hurry the process. I am feeling a little impatient about wanting all the rooms to be all done and unpacked, and I want to pick up right where I left off from the other house. I need to remember to let this house unfold a little on its own--live with things and then little by little I'll find myself back at HOME.

**I promise that I have lots of pretty pictures to share (like my little March mosaic) plus some other lovelies from this month. Currently all the pictures are being held hostage on my laptop. (We haven't got the internet up and running yet at home!) So until 1) we get internet at home or 2) I find the time to take my laptop to a wireless "hot spot" we will be picture-less. Sad, I know.**

Wednesday, April 1

I'm still here!

Hello! I'm still here!

The moving has left me a little (ok, more than a little) scattered. Literally scattered. You see, the work we are doing in our new house is not quite finished, but we had to get out of our old house, so our things are scattered about, and I'm not sure where anything is. I hate that!

We are currently crashing with Andrew's parents (thanks Kay and Big Max!) until we have bedroom walls and new carpet. Hopefully that happens soon. Home projects always seem to take much longer than anticipated, don't they?

I am so looking forward to getting to our new home and getting to know our life there!

**I am still keeping up with the picture of the day (amazing since things have been a little crazy!) but have't gotten them all up on my flickr page yet. Look for a March wrap-up soon of all the pictures!!