Wednesday, March 25

busy busy

Well, the moving/packing/demolishing/cleaning/painting process is in full swing. Currently our "new" house (which is actually quite old) is all torn up. Oh man. Very torn up: walls down, carpet up, etc. Boxes are getting packed (slowly but surely) here at the old house.

I knew that I would feel a little sad as moving day got closer. I feel such an attachment to our house now, and it is hard to imagine that one day we will leave and not come back. I will miss my ginkgo tree, and the creek, and the barn... (Ok, I have to stop because I am totally tearing up!)

Time to look forward to our new home--because even if it doesn't feel like it at first it will be home very soon. My home is wherever Andrew and Max are, and I'm pretty sure they plan on coming with me!

Sunday, March 22

let the fun begin

We are getting ready to embark on a week full of cleaning, packing, organizing, more cleaning, demolishing (Andrew's specialty), painting, dry walling, moving, and more cleaning.

Did I mention cleaning?

So, yes, we will be exhausted. (I am also expecting some sort of emotional breakdown sometime--probably around Thursday.)

Stay tuned for all the fun!

Thursday, March 19

that little spot

One neat thing about taking a picture every day is that you get to see certain patterns about yourself and what you are drawn to visually. (Especially neat because you don't really think about it while you're doing it, but instead can pull out these recurring things later.)

I was looking through my pictures the other day and noticed that I have taken quite a few pictures over Max's shoulder, often while he is engrossed in something and not paying any attention to me. I love these little "stolen" shots so much. I like them so much probably because I love that little spot on Max's neck: that sweet little place between the ear and the shoulder; the perfect place to plant a kiss and smell his sweet little smell.

If only I could bottle that sweet little smell and keep it forever!

Wednesday, March 18

really good cookies (if I do say so myself)

Back around Christmas time I was trying to make good sugar cookies. (I never quite got around to finding a recipe that I really liked.) I tried Martha Stewart's recipe, but they ended up being really pretty, but they were also so hard you might chip a tooth. (The recipe was probably fine, it might of been "user error"!)

So anyway, the other night I was determined to make some good sugar cookies. **Side note: baking is probably one of my favorite forms of procrastination. Currently I am putting off the HUGE task of packing up our entire house so we can move. So, instead of sorting and packing, I thought cookies were more important.**

These turned out really good! I even made icing and everything! If you want the recipe, click here.

Now if only I could get the packing going...

Tuesday, March 17

going green

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Someone gave me the idea to make little shamrock paintings using your child's fingerprints. "Super cute," I thought. Max and I will make some.

Needless to say, he did not feel the need to be restricted to this particular idea. His little fingerprint paintings are indeed cute, but they do not look like shamrocks in any way. So, the above painting is my fingerprint shamrocks. (You're never too old for finger painting!) It is Polaroid size, like all the other little paintings. (I think it might be time for the Polaroid paintings to make a comeback.)

Have a happy (beautiful and warm) day!

Friday, March 13

13 for the 13th

For this Friday the 13th I thought I would make a little list of 13 of my current favorite little things (in no particular order):

1. Coffee in the morning with real sugar and cream.

2. Flickr. This is a photo sharing website. (I've been putting all my photos of the day on here.) You can browse other people's photos, pick favorites, etc. I could click the hours away here. Endless inspiration.

3. Moleskine notebooks. All kinds of lovely. I mentioned that I got a new planner by them--and it is the best planner ever. The times of the day are really subtle on the side, so essentially it can be a journal/sketchbook/whatever. I love it.

4. Super sharp pencils and crayons.

5. Sharpie pens. Have you tried these? They are so good! They write like a sharpie, but they don't bleed through!

6. Vanilla yogurt, strawberries, and granola. My favorite new breakfast.

7. Jeans fresh out of the dryer. (Just watch the buttons...they get really hot!)

8. Arches cold press 300 lb watercolor paper. I am forever converted from the 140 lb! I was hesitant to spring for this thicker/more expensive paper, but I just tried out my first piece the other day. No warping at all. Yay! (I know that this doesn't mean a lot to many of you, but it made me so happy!)

9. Turquoise + Orange (see painting above)

10. Buttons: old buttons, new buttons it doesn't matter. I have started a little collection of them. I have a few jars full now. (I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with all of them yet...)

11. The Pottery Barn catalog. I think I'm going to move there. Seriously, I think I dog-ear every page.

12. Watching Max play with his little farm animals and barn. (He puts them in the barn, then takes them out to eat...I can't believe he's big enough to play like this!)

13. Quotes: I love quotes! I found a new favorite on my new Real Simple magazine that just arrived: "Every spring is the only spring, a perpetual astonishment." --Ellis Peters

Happy Friday the 13th!

Wednesday, March 11


On Monday I painted my first mural. It was so much fun! I am in the mood to mural everything! This little mural is for a little baby boy who is due to arrive at the end of the month. (His dad is a big hunter, and the baby is taking over the room where all his deer stuff was. So, the wildlife is very fitting.)

Thursday, March 5

loving the library

Lately I've re-discovered something I've always loved...the library. We always went to the library when I was little. My grandma volunteered there, so we'd go visit her and check out books. I loved going. It was a small little library, but we didn't know it was tiny. I remember all the shelves packed with such great stories. I loved getting my card stamped when you checked out books. (Oh my goodness I love library cards and the pockets! I've thought about getting some for home--I know! Nerd alert!)

Now in the attempt to be more frugal, I've decided that my book habit had to stop. I love books! Barnes & Noble is a very dangerous place to go. Books even jump into my cart at Target--it is the strangest thing! (Target it the biggest budget ruiner of them all! Very dangerous for those trying to be frugal!)

Then I book habit doesn't have to stop, just the book buying. I remembered that you can go to the library and they let you take the books for free. What a wonderful thing. Max and I have been to our local library a couple times now, and we have enjoyed it. We happened to stop during story time one day, which is fun because you get books and cookies too. Now we're talking.

In the picture Max is looking over his recently selected Richard Scarry book--he loves all the details in the book. So many things to look at! (I love Richard Scarry!)

Here's to the library!

Tuesday, March 3


The next installment of the After School Art Club starts tomorrow at the Farmland Cultural Center! This month's topic is one of my favorites: Pop Art. Bright colors, fun subjects, interesting artists! I did an extensive study of this particular movement in art when I was at BSU, so I am really looking forward to diving into it again.

(The artwork above it by the very famous Andy Warhol.)

If you want more information just click here.

On another note: is anyone else absolutely freezing? It seems like winter is holding on stronger than ever. (Seriously, I'm at my studio right now in my coat and scarf. I would wear my gloves, but then I couldn't type very well!) I don't think I've been warm in 3 days. Ok, I'm exaggerating there. I am wishing for spring more than ever!

Sunday, March 1

all wrapped up

February's a wrap! Two months of a picture everyday--no cheating! After studying this month's pictures, I noticed I had some focus issues--oops! I'll have to work harder to keep things from getting too blurry. (That's the trade-off for not using the flash--sometimes pictures are a little soft and out of focus.) I haven't got any of these pictures printed yet...I'm excited to do that soon!