Friday, October 31

happy halloween -or- the day the wild thing went to kindergarten

We have had lots of Halloween fun already today! This morning I got Max all dressed up in his "Wild Thing" costume and we went to my mom's kindergarten class. They read Where the Wild Things Are and the kids loved it. Max had fun playing in the kindergarten kitchen while he was at school too.

I also wanted to share a picture of my pumpkin! I did the one with the lino cut tools. It turned out pretty cute, but it was a little time consuming. Last night I tried it out with a candle and you couldn't see the light through the carved out part like I thought I would be able to. Bummer. Today I shaved out the inside a little bit more with a potter's loop tool (Man--these art supplies are coming in handy!) to make it a little thinner. We'll see if that helps.

Today I made some pumpkin cupcakes and roasted some pumpkin seeds for the grandparents to eat tonight. I am feeling so festive I can hardly stand it! (Plus this is my 200th post!)

Hope you have a fun Halloween!

Tuesday, October 28

walmart adventure

I always have to get myself all pumped up before we venture off to Walmart. It is not my most favorite place to shop, but it is the closest and I can get everything in one stop. (Which is important when you have a toddler that you are putting in and out of the car in the cold.) Max is not quite the shopper he once was, and after our grocery trips I think we both need naps. This is how our trip went yesterday:

Get to Walmart and realize that I left my list and coupons at home. Darn!

Drop all my re-usable bags on the ground when I get Max out of the car. Try to pick them all up before they blow away while holding Max. (I think I hurt my back.)

Try to walk past the toy section as quickly as possible while distracting Max.

Pick up some sippy cups in the baby section. Max is excited because they have the Disney characters from Cars on them.

Max is very mad because I will not open the cups for him. (Note to self: Toddlers do not understand the word "later.")

I get out our snacks to distract Max from the cups. Going good until we dump all of our supply of Captain Crunch in the toilet paper isle. Super. We haven't even made it to the food yet.

Max still focused on those cups! Yelling! I grab his little hands and calmly tell Max that there will be no yelling in the store. His eyes well up with tears, the bottom lip comes out and he looks absolutely broken hearted. He will not even look at me.

I feel horrible for about 3 more isles.

I tickle Max and he cheers up. I throw things in the cart as quickly as possible, hoping that I am remembering everything.

We get to the fruit and I put some bananas in the cart. Now Max wants a banana. At least he has forgotten about his new sippy cups.

To the checkout at last. Max wails when we have to put the cups on the belt. The cashier kindly scans them and gives them back.

Get back to the car and forget that I have the back all loaded with stuff to take to Goodwill. Shove groceries in every possible nook and cranny of the front of the car.

Max is relentless about those cups!!! I open them and pour water from his old cup into the new cup. I know they need washed first, but do what you gotta do.

Max is one happy camper. Mom is exhausted.

Monday, October 27

decisions, decisions

I'm getting ready for Halloween this week. Max is going to be "Max" from the book Where the Wild Things Are, and we are inviting all the grandparents over for dessert on Friday so they can all see him. (If you aren't familiar with Where the Wild Things Are, Max is the main character and he wears this white outfit that looks like a cross between pajamas and a wolf suit. Super cute. My mom--aka Seamstress Deluxe is sewing his costume.)

I have a pumpkin all ready to be carved, but I can't decide how I want to do it. I could just carve it old school style, or I could do one of the thousand pumpkin ideas I found on the Martha Stewart website. I never knew you could do so many things with pumpkins! I think I am leaning towards using my lino cut tools (sharp knife scoop things that you normally use in printmaking) to do carving where you don't carve all the way through the skin, but only go through the very top layer. It has been years since I've carved a pumpkin, so I am excited to do one this year!

Whatever I decide I will share pictures. I'll be sure to include pictures of Max all dressed up too.

Tuesday, October 21

picture as promised

Whoa...a week since I blogged! The weeks are flying so fast lately!

Above it the picture of my new little organizational/to do list set-up. Like I said before, it has really helped me keep track of all my little projects. I was thinking of setting up something similar to this at home for all my home projects. (I think I have more projects running around in my head than anyone I know!) I think they make smaller clipboards...I'll have to do some research on that. A set of smaller ones would be cute for home.

It feels so good to start something and then finish it. I think I have mentioned before that I am the Queen of Good Intentions & Good Starts. I have a little problem with follow through. I am pretty good if it is for someone else, but as far as projects just for me or our home I tend to forget about them and move on to the next thing. A visual to-do list is just what I needed.

Tuesday, October 14


I've always struggled with keeping track of all my to do lists. I have several. I think I may have made progress with one particular to-do list:

I seem to always have a list of art projects that are running around in my head--things I want to try, gifts, commission work, etc. I always stress out (who, me?) and can't keep them all straight.

Well, I think I have found a solution that appeals to my visual side: I hung up six clipboards in my little work area here at the studio. (I would show you a picture, but I forgot my camera at home today. I can only make progress on one thing at a time it seems.) On each clipboard I use sticky notes to make notes about each project, then I can clip reference pictures on each one.

Now, since there are only six clipboards, I am only allowing myself to think about six projects at a time. If all the clipboards are full, then I can't take any more commissions or start anything new. It think this is key for me.

I am happy to say that this little visual to-do list system is really working for me. As I finish one project (call me Tia!), I take all the stuff off that clipboard and move them all up and move the empty one to the end. I can literally see all the stuff I am working on and all the stuff needed for each thing is right in front of me.

I wonder if I can devise a similar system for home...

Thursday, October 9

new picture

Loving this new picture of Max--he is very much a toddler now--not much of a baby look now. Crazy! I know that babies change so much in the first year, but I think that I notice more changes so far in this second year of Max's life. I think it is because every day there is something new: new words, abilities, expressions, etc.

Every day I am amazed.

Every day I am so happy that I get to be his mom.

Monday, October 6

art show

A big thanks to everyone who came out to our little show--I know that Lindsay and I both appreciated it very much! Here are a couple of my favorites from the show:
1. Getting the chance to see people I hadn't seen in a long time!
2. Fruit + chocolate dip (yum!)
3. Lots of my family in the same place!
4. Max doing belly slides all over the Cultural Center. (He was so funny...he was not a bit shy, just diving all over the place and getting his new shirt dirty.)
5. Seeing a goal finished!

Thanks again everyone!