Saturday, August 30

"sisterhood" moment

I admit it: I love teeny-bopper movies. Teeny-bopper as in movies that I am way to old to watch. Luckily my friend Carissa shares this same love. (Sorry I exposed you, Carissa!)

At one point in time we swore off them. We went to see Mean Girls and realized that we were the only people in the theater not in high school. Now I think we are just old enough not to care. Back to the movies we go!

Anyway, last night we went to see Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. I loved it. Loved the first one, loved this one too. And, we were not the oldest people there: there was another pair of ladies there who were much older.

After the movie when I was in the restroom I remembered that the jeans I had on used to be Carissa's! (She very thoughtfully passes on clothes that she doesn't want anymore.) We could so be in the movie! (Except for the fact that we are about 10 years too old.) Oh well, that's beside the point. The point is that I had on pants that were not mine, they in fact belonged to one of my best friends, and we could so be in the movie.

Fun times. Thanks Carissa: for the popcorn, the laughs and the pants.

Friday, August 29


Max is all about riding toys now. In this picture Aunt Laci showed him that if he put his feet up then he would get pushed around. Looks like he's loving that.

Hope everyone enjoys the long labor day weekend--the offical end to summer. I don't know if everyone else feels this way, but I am sitting here wondering where it went!! I had a list of projects to get finished and I don't think they are going to be finished by the end of summer! Oh well, I gave it a good try.

Friday, August 22

etsy update

I have my etsy shop somewhat updated. I think I am going to add some of my pieces from my show last year in the near future. I need to use the frames they are in for the new show, so it would be a good time to put them online. I also have a little stack of the polaroid paintings that I could add, but they have yet to be scanned, etc.

I seem to be having trouble with getting things accomplished after Max goes to bed because of all the Olympic stuff on tv! Isn't it funny how sports that you regularly have no interest in are suddenly interesting? Beach volleyball for example. I don't think that sport ever crosses my mind, but for some reason I was compelled to stay up until midnight chewing my fingernails and watching the gold medal match (is it even called a match or is it a game?) the other night.

Hopefully after all the Olympic goodness is over I can get back on track with getting some stuff done!

Monday, August 18

hello big boy

I've had a few signs lately that we are officially moving from the "baby world" to the scary and unknown "toddler world":

1. Max actually "toddles" now. Every day he is taking more and more steps...look out!

2. He threw his first fit in public today. Oh I've been dreading this. We were at the grocery store checkout, and he wanted to hold my wallet. (It was almost nap time, so that didn't help either.) Anyway, when I didn't let him have my wallet he screamed (LOUDLY) and cried (EVEN LOUDER) with big, awful, broken hearted tears. The cashier and the bag guy tried to cheer him up talking to him. No good. Finally the cashier asked if a cracker would help, and as soon as he saw it all was right with the world. Whew.

3. My baby who would try everything and eat everything now is becoming more selective. He's still a good eater, but is more reluctant to try new things. Take meat, for example. Not a fan. Not even the normal kid faves like hot dogs and chicken nuggets. Tonight I had the bright idea to make parmesan chicken tenders. I pounded them flat, coated them with parmesan, and baked them. When they were done I cut them up little and topped them off with tomato sauce. Yum, They looked like pizza. Max was on to me. He knew there was meat in there. Needless to say, my bright idea didn't work.

Even though I am a little bit terrified of what's to come, I'm sure we'll figure it out. (How about that picture--it doesn't get more "big boy" than that pose!)

Monday, August 11

fly update

Everyone must be dying to know how the flies are faring over here...

I am happy to say that their numbers appear to be dwindling. I didn't have to take any drastic measures, they just started dropping like, well you know.

I researched the subject online and found a helpful website all about the many types of flies and how to kill them. It was very serious and in depth. Reading it made me feel tired.

I really need to paint right now, but at the moment I am watching the Olympics. I have a hard time getting things accomplished during Olympic time--I love all the back stories, the underdogs, the pageantry, the hard work, and patriotism. The art may have to wait!

Thursday, August 7

the good, the bad, & the super cute

The Good:

On Monday we had new vinyl installed in our back bathroom and laundry room. Very nice and new and clean and all those good things.

The Bad:

The guys who installed the new beautiful floor had to leave the back door open all day while they were working. Therefore, our house is filled with huge black flies EVERYWHERE. Even before this I had some fly issues this year, and I noticed they were worse than usual. Just when our indoor housefly population was down, tons more were invited in. If anyone has any tips for catching flies in the house I would love to hear them. As gross as it would be to have a fly strip in here I am just about to do it!

The Super Cute:

Max has now discovered how to climb up on the couch. (Not much walking yet, but man he climbs everything!) This morning I was gathering things for his diaper bag and I walked back in the living room and he was up on the couch with the remote! Just when you think things are safely out of reach!!

Saturday, August 2

the beginnings of a leaf collection

So my "partner show" with my friend Lindsay is rapidly approaching. I am doing much better than I was at this point for last year's show, but there is still a lot to do. So, my goal is to have everything painted by the end of August, and then get everything framed and organized in September. We'll see how that goes!

The theme for our show is nature/botanicals. Lindsay and I both tend to gravitate toward this subject in our work, so we thought it would be a natural choice for us. (No pun intended.) I wanted to do a series of little paintings, so I decided to do a leaf collection of sorts. One of my most favorite things about our little house is all the great trees we have. Big, beautiful, been here forever type trees. These are the inspiration for my little collection.

So, the first two of this little series are the ginko tree and tulip tree. The ginko is on the east side of the house, and I can see it upstairs in Max's room, and downstairs in the bathroom. I love this tree...I love the little leaves that look like fans. The tulip tree is on the west side, and it is very very tall. This tree perplexes me because in the summer the leaves start turning yellow and brown and begin falling off. I don't know if this is what tulip trees do or if our tree has some sort of problem.

I have more trees to do: a couple types of maples, an elm and a few that have yet to be identified. I am enjoying these little mixed media paintings so far...which is good. I hate it when my painting seems forced, and so far the work for this show has been fun and relaxing.

A couple other things:

1. The other day Opie escaped from his pasture lot and wound up across the road at the animal shelter. Andrew swears that he shut all the gates, but I don't think our little horse is smart enough to figure them out. Anyway, a guy who works over there rode his lawn mower over (how funny is that!) and asked us we were missing our mini horse. Opie was living the good life in their chicken house eating hay and drinking lots of water. That horse has nine lives, I swear.

2. My mom helped me paint my kitchen the other day. Bye bye "Homestead Resort Pale Olive", hello "Potter's Wheel". It is the color of khaki pants. (I want to know how you get to be the person who names the paint colors. What a fun job!!) I feel like I am on a roll here with redecorating and organizing the house. After three years of living here I am finally getting on the ball.

Hope you are having a good weekend!