Wednesday, May 28

lately I...

* painted this lovely lilac

* locked myself out of the house for 2 hours

* made "indoor smores" (if you have a gas stove, you can replicate an outdoor roasted marshmellow pretty good!)

* talked live on the radio!

* doubted myself

* took pictures

* took Max for a walk

* had some chai

* cleaned out the jeep (a result of locking myself out of the house!)

Saturday, May 24

summer art camps

I have been busy at work planning some fun things at the studio! I am excited to share the information about some upcoming art camps!

I have planned two camps:

Art in Italy - June 17-20 (Art show/Reception June 22)

American Masters - July 15-28 (Art show/Reception July 20)

Each camp will have two time sessions. Younger artists (age 5-8) from 9:00-11:30, and "older" artists (age 9-12+) from 1:00-3:30.

I have been wanting to do art camps for a while now, and I finally have my ducks in a row to do it this summer! If you want more information or want to print a registration form please click here.

I hope that everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day weekend so far!

Friday, May 23

teddy bear pictures!

I put all our teddy bear pictures together! It is fun to look back and see how much Max has changed in a year! Some of these really crack me up. I love the 2nd month shot--it reminds me of the movie ET--you know the part where the kids hide him in the closet with all the stuffed animals? That picture reminds me of that scene!

I used my favorite picture from each month. Part of me felt like I should use the head on full body shot each month, but I like some others better. (Besides that, as we neared the one-year birthday it was hard to get Max to sit still enough to get that kind of picture!)

Thursday, May 22

kitchen still life

I took this picture of my mugs and sugar bowl a while back. I've been wanting to add something new to our kitchen for a while, so I just ordered a BIG copy of this picture from Shutterfly. I got it the other day and it turned out pretty good. So, now I am on the hunt for a frame so I can finish this project. (Like I need another project!)

I love still life pictures, especially ones of food or dishes. I think that there is something beautiful in the everyday types of things. Cups of coffee, stacks of dishes, etc.

Monday, May 19


We had Max's birthday party yesterday...he was too funny. He was really embarrassed when we sang "Happy Birthday", and he tried to eat his cupcake without using his hands. I don't blame him for getting embarrassed about the singing. I think that people singing Happy Birthday to you is kinda akward. You don't know what to do: Do you look at everyone and smile? Look down and hope they sing fast? If you are 1 you can lay your head down on your high chair like Max.

So I've been tagged...
I thought I would get to this a lot sooner, but you know how it goes!

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was a junior in high school--probably taking myself way to seriously.

2. What 5 things are on your to-do list?
Let's see...1) Make sure I have everything ready for the auction on Saturday (How's that for a shameless plug?), 2) Clean up and organize our office room 3) Design t-shirt logos for summer art camps 4) Start a drawing I've been commissioned to do 5) Go through Max's clothes and sort out the things that are too little.

3. What are 5 snacks that you enjoy?
It is hard to pick just five. I really love snacks! My top five right now are: animal crackers, popcorn, cookies (any kind!), chocolate (Hershey makes these new chocolates called "Bliss" good!), and cheese cubes.

4. Name some things you would do if you were a millionaire:
I would probably pay off things (our house, the studio), give some away, put some in the bank (for Max's college, retirement), etc.

5. Name some places you've lived:
Parker City, Farmland, Anderson, Muncie, Avon, Middletown, Parker City again. Funny how things come full circle, isn't it?

6. Name some bad habits you have:
I am a major procrastinator, and I tend to worry about things instead of actually taking action on things. Oh, and I tend to not put things away after I am finished with them.

7. Name some jobs you have had:
Sweet corn salesperson, Applebee's hostess, Bookseller, High School art teacher, photographer's assistant. Right now I have the best job: Mommy/wife/artist/auction clerk & bookeeper. I think that's all of them!

8. Name those you are tagging:
Sorry everyone, I am a much better "taggee" than "tagger". I always drop the ball on e-mail forwards, (you know the ones where they say "you will break your neck if you don't forward this to 200 people!"), chain letters, etc.

This was fun!

Thursday, May 15

happy birthday!

So, today is Max's first birthday. I am still having trouble with the fact that a whole year has past since he's been born! I feel like Andrew and I have learned a lot in this short year, that's for sure!
I am hoping soon to get a little collage together of all the teddy bear pictures so I can post them altogether. It was still hard to get a good shot today, (not much sitting still!) but I did get one of Max loving the bear. Cute.
Also, I can see that I have been "tagged"...hopefully I can get to that tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 13

yupo paper, falling, & max

Yupo Paper:
I love this new paper--it is called Yupo paper, and you can find it online at Dick Blick or at the Art Mart in the BSU village. Forgive me if I have allready written a post about this paper before (I can't remember). It is so different than any other watercolor paper. I have been having a lot of fun doing some small little sketches on it lately.

So I have this wonderful new curb/sidewalk at my studio. Anyone that has stopped by recently has seen it because I like to point it out. I do love it because it makes my flower bed look nice, the rainwater doesn't run under the house anymore, etc. Anyway, so today I go to get something out of the car and I forget that I have to step UP to my door now. Well, I fell down so hard! I'm talking about the legs up in the air, drop everything fall. I don't think anyone saw me thank goodness. I did break my big toenail and scratch up my toes. Darn!

I can't believe how big he is getting now! He makes tractor/motor noises all the time now, which is super cute. I think he knows the difference between Ma Ma and Da Da now, and he is calling us by our "name". His birthday is on Thursday, so I am looking forward to taking the 12th installment of the teddy bear picture series!

Friday, May 9

favorite things

You know how Oprah does her "Favorite Things" episode every year at Christmas? Well, I have a list of little favorite things I thought I would share. (Now, these are very simple everyday favorite things that are not very fancy at all. Just so you know.)

* Iced Carmel Macciatos from Starbucks (I love how there is gooey carmel at the bottom that you have to stir up with your straw!)

* Magazines! Catalogs! (This could be a post in itself. I have a little bit of a magazine problem. I LOVE them. I subscribe to several, and I have a little system of looking through them, tearing out and filing the ideas, then recycling them. Nerd alert!)

* Little jars and containers

* The Today Show (I would like to say that I watch the Today Show for the news, but honestly it is for Matt Lauer.)

* Scotch brand blue painter's tape (Even though this is for walls and not paper, I haven't found any tape that works any better for artwork.)

* Glad Press & Seal

* Blockbuster By Mail (This might be classified as a love/hate relationship. I love it when they send you movies quickly, but sometimes if you request something that is not super popular it takes a while. Then I tend to gripe about how I don't like it. I just love coming home to a movie in the mailbox!)

* the smell of baby shampoo

* Men's Hanes White t-shirts

* Binders & sheet protectors (Super nerd alert!)

* Spreadsheets & Exel (Little known fact: I am little messy. Mom, Carissa, I can see you laughing. Anyway, I tend to be messy, but I like to have little organized things. Micro organized I guess you would say.)

* Plain Cheerios

* My Bible (It is getting old, and falling apart, but I can't bring myself to get a new one. Oh, and it's pink)

* Paint samples (Oh...I love to go to Lowes and collect a little stack of paint samples.)

* Birds (More to look at and to draw, not really having them close to me. That makes me nervous. )

* Nutella (This is like peanut butter, only it is CHOCOLATE.)

Now, if I was Oprah, I would say something like: "Everyone is going home with one of each of these great things!" I am not Oprah, so this isn't going to happen.

Happy Friday anyway!

Wednesday, May 7

rescue mission

So I started this painting a while back, and right now it is at the dangerous ugly point. It is very close to becoming bookmarks. I was so excited about this painting at the beginning. I tried several new things with it: I gessoed the back of the watercolor paper before painting (if you watercolor much you know that big pieces of paper tend to buckle when you paint on them unless they are taped down. When you use tape, you have to cut the pretty deckled edge off your paper. I read that if you gesso (prime) the back the paper won't buckle and you can keep the pretty edge. This is probably very boring information for everyone, but if you do watercolor it is major. It works!).

Where was I...

Trying new things: I also glued in a whole bunch of seed/garden ads in the back, and used watercolor and acrylic together with some neat results. I was so excited, but it took a turn for the worse. I was layering some acrylic on the paper and got a little heavy handed with it. That resulted in the ugliness that is going on now.

So, I think I am going to try and save it by layering on some white or something. I have to try and save it, that paper is expensive! What is really funny is that there is another ugly painting underneath the new ugly painting. By the time this painting is finished it will probably be 3 inches thick.

I always seem to get in this predicament with my paintings--especially the big ones. I don't have much time to paint at all, so I feel lots of pressure on myself for my painting time to be successful. Well, I think the whole progress would go better if I could just paint TONS and then edit down to the pieces that work. Ah, in a perfect world.

Monday, May 5

sleepy supper

Sundays are always a little off for Max...he usually takes a long nap every day at 10:00 or 10:30, but on Sundays he doesn't get that nap in because we are at church. Needless to say the rest of the day is pretty interesting. (It gets especially interesting if we have family things after church like we did today.) So, poor thing, he was eating his supper and just couldn't hang on any longer. Note how his little hand is up ready for more food!

Thursday, May 1

could I get another plate?

It seems like I've had a lot of stuff on my plate lately...too many things going on, not actual food. (I figured you knew what I was talking about, but I thought I would clear it up just in case.) I kind of like being busy, but I think it is finally catching up with me. For a couple years I have just been adding things, and not taking things away. So now I am having to look at everything and make some choices about what is really important, and what things I can give up. This is so hard for me because I like to think that I am Superwoman and that I can do everything. I have quickly learned that being a stay-at-home mom is a full time job in itself without adding other things to it! (I bet any other moms can second that one!)

So, I think you probably guessed that I have stopped my little daily paintings. I couple weeks ago I got a few days behind and I never caught up. So, I will probably just do them whenever I have the time instead of everyday. Part of me thinks: "Wait--today is the first of a new month, I can start over and get caught up!" Realistically I know that it probably won't happen. I'm a little disappointed in myself, but I think I will get over it soon enough.

I will keep painting though because my BSU friend Lindsay and I are going to have a partner show in Farmland in October. Yay! (I'd better get started on that now!)