Sunday, April 27


I tried a new recipe tonight...zucchini lasagna. I love lasagna, so I was anxious to try this one. I'm happy to say that it was super good--even Andrew the vegetable hater liked it!

Monday, April 21

baby blues

I can't get enough of these eyes! The other day we had a rare moment where Max sat still and I could get a couple super close pictures. I can't believe that he is going to be a year old next month. This has been the fastest year of my life! People said that it would go by fast, and I didn't believe them. Today Max and I were shopping, and I was pushing him around in the cart just watching him look at everything. "How cool is this little guy?" I thought as I pushed him around. I can almost physically feel my heart swell a with love little bit at times like that.

Note: this is officially the mushiest post ever!

Wednesday, April 16

11 month teddy bear pictures (aka "wrestlemania")

Too funny. Max wrestled his little bear more than ever this time...check out the facial expressions! I can't believe that we only have one more month until he is one and we can complete this little photo series!

Tuesday, April 15

that time again

Last spring we had a bird that decided to build a nest in our garage. Well, she (or some other bird) is back. Last year I couldn't bear the thought of Andrew moving the nest or anything. I think it was because I was a mom-to-be at the time and I felt weirdly connected to the bird and her nest. Even though the bird scared me to death every time I walked into the garage with all her flapping and flying, I thought she should stay.

I guess this year I am more practical. Yesterday I almost had a heart attack when I went into the garage and the poor momma bird flipped out and started flying all over the place. So, I shooed her out, and closed the garage all up. I do love birds, but I do not love the idea of them flying at me. I like them more at a distance.

I was feeling pretty ok about the whole thing until this morning when I saw a bird acting weird in a tree. (Usually birds seem peaceful and happy, and this one was upset.) I just know it was her (don't ask me how), and she was worried about her nest. I don't have the heart to see if there were eggs in it yet.

I know, I know, this whole thing is very dramatic. If only the bird saw the huge barn only feet away where she could bulid her nest in peace...

Thursday, April 10

ladybugs & blank walls


I am pretty sure that within the past couple days Max has ingested a few ladybugs. They are all over the place! I've been successful at fishing a few out of is mouth, but last night Andrew only got a wing, and today I also could only recover a partial ladybug. I'm sure that there are worse things that he could eat...I am just not sure why he keeps eating them! You would think after one you would realize that they are not good!

blank walls:

We got our new kitchen floor down (beautiful!) and so now we are pushing all the furniture around and looking at it. We haven't got a good arrangement figured out. We have lots of neat antiques, but they are all in this one area of our kitchen so it looks like we are living in a furniture store. I'm sure we will get it figured out. Plus we have one wall that is just totally blank that needs something.

One thing I am excited about is that I hired my good friend Lindsay to do a big painting for me. That will help out the blank wall I'm sure.

Monday, April 7

new favorite

I was taking pictures of Max "reading" the newspaper early Sunday evening, and got this pretty little photo. It's not perfect (a little blurry, really bright) but I love how I got the little lens flare. (Usually I have to cheat and Photoshop that in!)

I am really looking forward to the warmer/nicer weather, because then Max and I can have some more outdoor photo sessions. I will probably have to chase Max around to get pictures, but I'm sure that they will turn out better than my indoor flash pictures.

Thursday, April 3

professor garfield

Last night Andrew and I had a neat opportunity to attend a fund raiser for a new website: Professor Garfield. It is an educational website that is a partnership between Paws Inc. and BSU that promotes literacy to children. Andrew was the official auctioneer of the evening. He auctioned off some great things: Colts tickets, Late Show with David Letterman tickets, etc.

One of my favorite things up for auction was original artwork from Garfield's creator, Jim Davis. As Andrew was auctioning he drew a sketch of Garfield. (Not Andrew, Jim Davis. I don't know if Andrew would have gotten any bids if he did the drawing!) It was really fun to watch. No, I was not the top bidder. Darn. I have always been a fan of Garfield: especially the Christmas cartoon where Jon takes Garfield and Odie back to the farm. Classic.

Changing subjects, here are few updates:

1. I took my camera to the camera store and my lens is in fact messed up. I must have bad luck with camera lenses. Luckily it is under warranty, and they lent me a lens to use while mine is being repaired. Made my day!

2. Our house is still in the process of being "HGTVed". It is much harder to do these projects in real life because we don't have a crew to help us. It is much easier to just watch the shows!

3. Andrew and I taught Max how to "high five" tonight!

4. In case you are wondering, I actually do have polaroid paintings for March, I just haven't had much time to scan them and update my shop. Where has March gone, by the way?