Thursday, February 28

a couple things

1. I found out that Polaroid is not going to continue to make the instant cameras and film anymore! What!? I am feeling very ripped off about this because I just bought a Polaroid camera a couple months ago. How can they do this? I guess I will have to stock up on film.

2. I started a big painting yesterday based on a small one I did a while back. This little one was hands down my favorite painting I've done in a long time, and I am trying to get back in that mode.

3. I think Easter candy is my favorite. I got a bag of "Bunny Mix" peanut M&Ms the other day and I have been eating them all the time. Christmas candy is good, but sometimes you get tired of it because there is so many other goodies. Valentine and Halloween candy are good too, but I just think the colors are best on Easter candy. (Boy, I'm thinking deep today!)

Tuesday, February 26

something new

Andrew made an observation the other day when he stopped by my studio. He brought to my attention that I have way too many paintings and drawings sitting around everywhere and that when I am old I will be known as the "Old Lady with All the Paintings."

I think his exact words were: "Abby, you can't keep all these!"


So, after much thought I have decided to set up a little shop online where people can view and buy some of my artwork. I have decided to start with my daily little polaroid paintings and go from there. I have been wanting to try to sell online, so Andrew's observations gave me the last little push I needed.

Check out my little shop here.

Thursday, February 21

photo love

Today Max and I went to see Mary-Ellen for his 9 month photo session. He was very good (except for licking the windows at her studio) so I think we'll have some good ones. I love getting pictures of Max. By his first birthday we will probably have enough to wallpaper the living room. (Not even kidding.)

I have been thinking a lot about pictures lately, and how I need to organize them, scrapbook them, hang them up, etc. I am really bad about taking lots of pictures but it seems like they just sit in the computer for a while before I do anything with them. Today I made a list of all the little projects (photo and otherwise) that I want to tackle. It is good for me to make a list, it helps me get focused.

So, first on the list is to start Max's baby book. You have so many feelings as a new parent, and I don't want to forget all of them before I document them. Someday I want Max to be able to pull a book off the shelf and read and look at his beginning, and see how crazy his parents were about him. (Or just how crazy his parents were. Ha!)

Wednesday, February 20


I find them everywhere: on the floor, in the couch, in the highchair, and even stuck to Max. Cheerios. Max LOVES Cheerios. At first it was the Gerber puff snacks, but we have moved on to the Cheerio. (They come in a much bigger box and Andrew and I eat them too. Can't go wrong, really.)

Besides Cheerios, here are some other random thoughts for tonight:

I love to watch American Idol, but I really don't like it when the male singers pick up the microphone stand when they sing. Usually it doesn't happen until further in the competition, but last night a couple guys did it already! Not a good sign.

I have been feeling very domestic lately: I made homemade tomato soup and spaghetti and meatballs so far this week. Both keepers.

I loved the snow this morning. I thought it looked like Christmas!

Friday, February 15

9 month teddy bear picture

I took pictures of Max with his teddy bear this morning. 9 months! I got a couple good ones. Max is getting so fast! It is really hard to get very many pictures before he starts crawling around and throwing the teddy bear.

I am still working on my polaroid paintings, and I have enough to post, but I want to make sure and post them in order by date. I have a few from our vacation week that I need to finish so then I can start scanning and everything. I know it doesn't really matter what order they go on, but I am just obsessive/compulsive enough that posting them out of order would make me feel all out of sorts. (Weird, I know.)

Tonight Andrew and I are going to an art opening at the Minnetrista Cultural Center. One of my little watercolors made it into the annual juried show. I am super excited. I think the show opens to the public tomorrow...

Have a good weekend!

Monday, February 11

vacation favorites

Just thought I would share a few of my favorite vacation pictures. Remember how my lens broke on my camera? Amazingly the picture of Andrew and Max on the beach was taken with the lens only halfway on. I guess I should have kept taking pictures!

Saturday, February 9

vacation, confession


We returned last night from sunny Florida...we had beautiful weather and fun times. I am very sad that it is going to be twelve degrees tomorrow. Sigh.

A little vacation list:
1. We took Max to the beach and he didn't enjoy it. He ate the sand and cried in the water. On a brighter note: he loved the swimming pool very much.
2. At the beach my camera fell off the car (it was in its case!) and the lens broke. (Oh the frustration!) Andrew took me the next morning to upgrade to a better lens. (All better.)
2. Max did very well on the airplane much to our delight. (We are so thankful for Gerber and their "Puff" snacks!)
3. I got a pedicure. (Too bad no one will see my toes because of the frigid temperatures.)
4. We spent much needed time together as a little family, and visited some of our most favorite people.
5. NyQuil exploded in my suitcase on our return trip. I was very sad until my Mom was able to remove the NyQuil from our clothes. (Thanks Mom!)

I had hoped to share some pictures but I can't seem to find my cord that connects my camera to my computer. So for now the pictures are being held hostage.


You will probably notice that I didn't post my little polaroid paintings last week. Well, I seem to be a little behind. Due to illness and vacation I am a little off track. (And I was doing so good!) So, I hope to get all caught up this week.