Wednesday, December 31

2008 top 5

I was wondering what I should blog about on this last day of 2008, and then saw that I had been tagged! Thanks Tia--this was fun!

Here were the rules: Pick your top five pictures from the past year and explain why they are favorites. "Does it bring back a good memory? Do you look smokin' in it? Any pictures will do, you just have to tell why it is a favorite."

Only five? This was really hard!

1. This one was taken when we were on vacation in February. After being cooped up all winter this was the first time we felt warm weather in what seemed like forever. Plus, that face!!

2. This is one of the first pictures where I thought Max looked like a little boy instead of a baby. That pose is too much!

3. This one may seem like a random choice for a favorite, but I just love it. I am a sucker for pictures of open spaces--and this one happens to be what we see just at the end of our driveway. The sky looked particularly interesting this day, and I think Max and I were actually in a hurry to get somewhere when I stopped to look for a second. Glad I did.

4. Oh Max. This picture is the one we used for our Christmas cards, and it is so him. He was sitting at the table eating cookies, really making some good happy faces.

Drumroll please...

5. My top picture of 2008 has to be this one with the blue eyes. I took it in April. Max was so mobile now that it was hard for me to get good pictures of his little face. I sat him on the bench in our kitchen that is by the window and let him play with my lens cap. I got several good pictures that day, but this one by far is my favorite, hands down. I think Max looks so trusting and his eyes look so full of love. (He was probably thinking about Elmo or something, but I'd like to think he was just looking at me.)

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of '08!!

Monday, December 29

winding down

Our Christmas is beginning to wind down. Starting to think about taking down the decorations (it's not near as fun to take them down as it is to put them up!) and storing everything away. Our beautiful tree is starting to get a little crunchy. I was good about watering it this year, but I think they can only survive so long.

Santa brought Max a new kitchen, so he has been very busy cooking away. It is so funny to watch him play with all his little pans and pretend food. I asked him this morning if he would make me an egg sandwich. He gave me a blank stare, so I assume that is beyond his expertise just yet.

As much as I love Christmas, I also love the new year. Fresh starts and blank calendars. It is so easy to be optimistic as the year rolls over. This is the year I will finally be organized, eat healthy, etc. We'll see!

Friday, December 19

sugar cookies

I started some sugar cookies the day before yesterday. I have only baked part of them...the rest of the dough is in the refrigerator ready to go. The cookies are good, but they are a little hard. I am wondering if it is just the recipe. They turned out really pretty, but you have to watch that you don't chip a tooth. Really.

I think when I make the rest of them I may not bake them as long as the recipe suggests to see if that helps. Either that or I may have to hunt around for a new recipe.

Wednesday, December 17

"you're a terrible blogger!"

Andrew pointed out to me last night that I am a terrible blogger. He quickly stated that I do pretty good, but I don't post enough.

I know, I know. Every day I try to think of something interesting to blog about, but I wonder to myself if other people will find these things interesting too. Maybe.

So, in order to bring myself back to being a "good blogger" here is a little random list of thoughts/happenings/etc.:

1. I often wonder: why do baggies come already sealed? It would save people a step if they are open in the box. I will have to write a letter to Ziploc.

2. I started my Christmas shopping WAY early this year, but I am still scrambling to finish everything. Why is this?

3. Max has learned how to pick his nose.

4. My one and only adult art student is leaving today for New York, and will be there indefinitely. I will miss her terribly.

5. I need to go to the grocery!

6. We have a new niece! Andrew's sister's baby arrived on the 12th. Her name is Pepper, and we can't wait to meet her.

7. Max's new favorite food is clementines. (You know, those little baby oranges.) He eats them as fast as you can peel them.

8. I think our paper recycling multiplies in the bin. Soon I think it will take over the house.

9. I have a long list of desserts I want to make before Christmas: sugar and gingerbread cookies, caramels, Oreo pudding, white chocolate cupcakes, and Oreo balls (life is better with Oreos). I am wondering if this is too ambitious.

10. I think Andrew reads EVERY BIT OF INFORMATION in the newspaper. I just scan the front page and usually jump to the comics.

Hopefully this little list pulls me out of my terrible blogging slump. Maybe later I will have some baking/cooking photos and such to share!

Wednesday, December 10

kitchen painting

A while back I commissioned my friend Lindsay (who did the art show with me) to do a painting for my kitchen. I think it turned out beautiful. I just told her what colors I wanted and she went from there. I was so excited to get it home and hung up! It was in our art show so I had to wait a while.

The funny thing is that Lindsay hasn't been to my house in a while, so she didn't even know really what exact colors I had or anything. We've always joked that the two of us share a brain because we think alike. I guess that's how she made the perfect artwork for my kitchen without even seeing it!

Thanks Lindsay, I love it!

Note: Check out how Max has removed all the towels from the drawer in this picture. This is one of his favorite things to do!

Tuesday, December 9

messy painting day

Today is my studio day, and it was a very messy day. I usually work on small neat little watercolors, but today I was working on a couple big acrylic paintings. It is fun and challenging to switch gears once in a while, plus it is always fun to make a mess.

One of the paintings I was working on is for our church's outreach center. I like to do these paintings where you just smudge a bunch of colors together. "Smudgie paintings" is what I like to call them. I've done several small smudgie paintings before, but never one very large. I am happy with how this one turned out. (I would show you a picture, but I forgot my camera as usual.) I keep telling myself that I need to have a smudgie painting workshop because this kind of painting is very fun and freeing: like finger painting for adults. It takes longer to mix your colors than it does to actually paint!

Thursday, December 4

loving the tree

Every year after we get home from the tree farm I tell Andrew that "This is the prettiest tree we've ever had!" Even though I think that every year, I really think that this year's tree is the best. Plus I put TONS of lights on it, so that makes it even better. (Usually Andrew stands on one side of the tree and I stand on the other and we just pass the lights around. This year I went all Martha Stewart and wound the lights around the trunk and all the branches. It puts off as much light as a small lamp!)

Max loves the tree too. Whenever it gets really quiet, I know that I can find him with the tree examining all the ornaments. At first he just pointed at them and said: "Ball! Ball!" Now he likes to take them off and tries to put them back on. I'm just glad he's not trying to climb the tree or anything like that. I guess I shouldn't say's still early in the season...