Sunday, November 30

not a fan...

Santa Claus came to a family event we had this weekend, and as you can tell, Max was not a fan at all. Poor thing. Andrew took him over to see Santa and Max screamed and literally started climbing up his arm. I don't think many kids like Santa at this age. I think they have to be able to make the connection between Santa and presents before they start to like him.

Right now I am busy getting things ready for "Farmland's Own Holiday Evening" on Tuesday. It is a night in town where merchants stay open late and there are lots of goodies and special events going on. It is usually lots of fun (if it isn't too cold). I always think that I am going to be really organized, but every year it sneaks up on me! That said I'd better get back to work!

Wednesday, November 26

Christmas caramels - round 1

It has become tradition that every Christmas season I make at least one batch of my grandpa Donnie's caramels. The actual recipe came from an old church cookbook, and I think that it was submitted by Grandpa's cousin. (I think that's the story.) Regardless of where the recipe originated, as far as I'm concerned it will always be my Grandpa's special thing.

I made my first batch tonight, and I think they turned out pretty good. You have to be patient and just keep stirring, then all the sudden they are done. Grandpa and I have scorched them a couple times because we get in a hurry and turn the heat up too much. We've also dropped the whole thermometer in the caramels (very sticky)!

The real test will be tomorrow when I cut them and wrap them all up. Hopefully they are chewy and a little bit gooey. Usually I wrap one, then eat one, then wrap one than eat one...

Friday, November 21

goodbye fall

It feels like fall is over: crisp days have been replaced by snow flurries, wind and cold. It feels like winter is getting longer and longer every year. (Don't I sound old when I say that?) I like to wear scarves, so that is a good thing about winter. People look at you funny if you have on a scarf when it is warm. I say that, but the stars in Hollywood wear scarves a lot. I think they are more for fashion rather than warmth. Where was I going with this....oh yes:

I took this photo of Max one one of our last fall days that we played outside. No coats, just sweatshirts. I'm sure we'll have to get bundled up even if it is cold to go out and play sometimes. If you have ever been in the house all day with a toddler you know that you HAVE TO GET OUT sometimes!

Monday, November 17

banana art

Max had a banana for his mid-morning snack today, and when he was finished this is what was left of it:

No joke...I didn't do anything to it! So funny. I think Max may have a future in banana art. Seriously, have you ever seen the challenges on Food Network where they make entire dragons (or something equally difficult) out of a watermelon? Crazy.

Friday, November 14

it's Christmas music time!

As soon as we threw out the jack-o-lantern, it was time to get out the Christmas music! I love Christmas music, so I try to get as much listen time in as possible. I have created a list of my favorites for you:

1. James Taylor at Christmas

I just got this cd a couple years ago, and I absolutely love it. This music is perfect for cozy Christmas activities. If I had a fireplace I would put this on and do some sort of hand quilting project or something like that.

2. Elf Soundtrack

This is the best Christmas movie--and the music is just as good. This cd is ideal for Christmas shopping or an equally "bustling" around type of thing.

3. Maria Carey - Merry Christmas

Oldie but a goody. I've had this cd forever. Some of the songs have too many runs in them for my taste. (You know when the song sounds totally different because the singer is all over the place making it sound fancy.) In spite of all the fancy "run" songs, I love it for the first song--All I Want for it! This song is would be especially good for dancing around and being "merry".

4. Vince Gill - Let There be Peace on Earth

My dad has always loved Vince Gill (and tried to sing like him--you know what I'm talking about Cale!) and I think his love of him has rubbed off on me. He really does have a nice voice. (Vince, not Dad). I think this is good music for tree decorating or wrapping.

5. Vince Guaraldi Trio - A Charlie Brown Christmas

This is my all time favorite Christmas cd. It is so festive and fun. It makes good baking music, or if you were doing some holiday "entertaining" it would be good for that too. I like to have it on in the studio at Christmas time.

There you have it, my top 5 Christmas cds! (Now that I have itunes and an ipod, it is fun to find more Christmas tunes that way too. Plus, you can just get one song at a time so you can create the ultimate Christmas soundtrack. Fun!)

I'd love to hear what other people are listening to this Christmas season!

Tuesday, November 11

blanket of leaves

I found out last year that ginkgo trees loose all their leaves at once. I never noticed it before, so this year I watched our tree to see if that was really true. Our tree took two days to loose all its leaves. Last week all the lower leaves fell on one day, then yesterday the rest came down. It was really neat to watch because they all fell pretty fast--like snow almost! Now the ground is covered in a thick blanket of ginkgo leaves. So pretty!

Wednesday, November 5


I've been thinking that I need to work in my sketchbook/journal more. I go through spurts where I'm really good at working in it often, and then other times (like now) where I don't touch it.

There is an artist who I am always inspired by. Her name is Geninne and she does beautiful mixed media watercolor pieces. I am LOVING her calendar/sketchbook/journal. Why not keep everything in the same place? It would free up some much needed space in my purse!

I love getting a new calendar every year, and I think I would be more excited about getting a new one if I look at it as my all in one creative idea storage space. The hunt is on for the perfect one! (Check out Geninne's calendar pages--she drew the lines and everything herself in a blank book. How cool!)

Sunday, November 2

one more

I just had to share one more picture of Max in his Halloween costume. He was so funny in it: he loved the tail and feet, and he actually left the little hat on the whole time. Fun.