Monday, July 28

take me out to the ballgame

Yesterday we ventured to Indianapolis to take in an Indian's game with friends. It was a little hot, but once we were smart enough to move in the shade it was very enjoyable. You should have seen me in the sun trying to keep an umbrella over Max--I was feeling very overprotective and extremely nerdy until I saw that a few other people had the same idea.

I made a point at the game to have Andrew take a picture of Max and me together. I don't have very many pictures of me. Tons of Andrew and Max together, but hardly zilch of me. (We went to Florida in February, and there isn't a single picture of me. To look at the pictures is to assume that Andrew and Max went on vacation by themselves!)

Well, the picture that Andrew got of Max and me cracks me up. (Not in focus really, and Max is making his new mad face. Funny.) The one of the boys is much better. Hopefully we'll have better luck next time.

Wednesday, July 23

art, max pictures

Man, my blogging has been slow lately! It seems like I have been busy doing lots of other things other than writing.

I wanted to share a couple pictures from the art show--again everything looked so great all hung up, and it was a shame that it wasn't up longer. I think my studio looks so pretty with all the kids' art, much better than usual. I think part of that is because they use such wonderful, bright colors and I usually stick to a more muted scheme. I may have to abandon that for a more colorful one!

Now that art camps are officially finished for this summer, I can concentrate more on my upcoming show. I almost have two big paintings done already (I'm way ahead of last year's mark!), so now I need to work on a series of smaller things.

I also had to show this picture of Max. I think the hat/cuttie (cut off t-shirt) combo is too cute.

Thursday, July 17

young children + paint = lots of paper towels

Man, I forgot how many paper towels I need when I am painting with more than one child at a time! I hate to think how many trees we killed this week with all our spills and cleaning! I made the mistake of trying to be frugal and got the cheap paper towels. They pretty much dissolve as soon as any moisture touches them.

The studio is a giant mess, but it is a fun mess. I have kid art everywhere, and it is making me happy.

I have lots of pictures from this week of art camp...I hope to share them soon. I'll have more after our little show on Sunday. I am really happy with how the projects turned out this time.

Friday, July 11


This made my morning:

I was clicking through some of the blogs I like to read, and fellow artist and Etsy seller Michele selected one of my little paintings for a treasury that made it to the Etsy front page!

It was funny because I didn't see it at first, and I clicked on the pictures to see it larger, and I was like: "That little painting is cute--wait a minute--it's MINE!"

For Etsy people you know this is a huge fun deal! (For non-Etsy people: the treasury is what you first see when you go to the Etsy home page. Having one of your items on the front pages potentially means increased traffic to your shop. Plus it gives you that feeling that other people like your work, which is always good.)

This was just what I needed, because I have a show coming up in October, and the old familiar feelings of "what in the world am I doing" are starting to creep up.

A million thanks Michele!

Monday, July 7

"deceptively delicious" take three

Well, I'm a believer. I made the brownie recipe from "Deceptively Delicious" and they were so good! Had I not made them myself I would not believe that there was carrot and spinach in them. They have 3 grams of fiber per brownie too--crazy! Max seemed to really like them, so that was good too. I will definately keep trying recipes from this cookbook, I think that is worth the effort to take something that you like and add a little more nutrition to it.

I thought I would share a picture from a family picnic that we went to in Ohio yesterday. Every year Andrew's extended family gets together for a post 4th of July picnic. Max enjoyed swimming and playing in the sand. I love this picture because of the interesting juxtaposition of the beach/water with the farm equipment. Funny.

Friday, July 4

this little piggy

I was thinking tonight...

Used to (mere months ago), after Max's bath he would lay quietly while I diapered him and rubbed his baby lotion on. He would look up at me and we would have one of those wonderful mom/child moments.

Well, times are different now. You know how at county fairs sometimes they will grease a little pig up and the kids will chase it around and try to catch it? (If you haven't seen this strange bit of country culture you are missing out!)

Anyway, now Max is the little pig and I am one of the kids.

One thing that is faster than a one-year-old is a one-year-old covered in lotion.

Tuesday, July 1

"deceptively delicious" take two

We tried the sweet potato pancakes today--success! I thought at first that Max wouldn't eat the pancake (after all, it was not an Eggo) but he did and he liked it! I had the pancakes for breakfast too, and I thought they were pretty good. Plus, this was an easy recipe to throw together: pancake mix, sweet potato, cinnamon, & water. I think it would be good with pumpkin too.

I think I may try one more recipe from Deceptively Delicious this week--maybe the brownies. I'll let you know how they turn out.