Monday, June 30

"deceptively delicious" take one

I got a cookbook for Christmas called "Deceptively Delicious" by Jessica Seinfield. In case you haven't seen the book, it was written by Jerry Seinfield's wife, and it is all about sneaking veggies into your kid's food. Very clever...

Thus far I have been pretty lucky, and Max eats about whatever we serve him. He does have his favorites: bananas, mac & cheese, grapes, spaghetti & yogurt. Lately I have found that he has been more reluctant to try new things, (part of his new found one-year-old independence) and as a result I find that I fix him the same things over and over and over. So, I pulled out the Deceptively Delicious to add some variety to his menu.

Tonight I tried the Macaroni & Cheese 1 recipe, which is pretty much basic mac & cheese with some cauliflower added. Max was on to me because after a couple bites he realized that it wasn't the blue box processed cheese goodness that he's had before. I personally liked it, so even though Max didn't reap the benefits of the added veggies, I did.

I'm not giving up! Tomorrow morning we are going to try the pancakes with sweet potato. Max may revolt when he realizes that it is not an Eggo! We'll see!

I've been thinking a lot about food lately, and how mindless it is for me sometimes. I don't think twice about what nutrients we are getting (or more appropriately not getting!). I am hoping that with a few substitutions here and there I can get us eating a little healthier. Since I am in charge of the food shopping and cooking, I am really in charge of my family's nutrition. (I know I should have realized this earlier, but honestly I don't think I gave it much thought before!)

Andrew is not going to deal very well with this. He spied a jar of wheat germ on the counter today and I think he freaked out a little bit.

Thursday, June 26

cute art

As promised, here are a couple pictures of some very cute artworks from the "Art in Italy" camp. I love how kids paint--usually without worry and full of fun and expression. We did some very fun "Modern Mona Lisa" self-portraits and pretty skylines of the city of Florence. It was fun to have all the bright artworks up in my studio--I was sad that they were only up for one day. Maybe in the future I will arrange it so I can keep them a while longer!

Tuesday, June 24

the land of doom

Right now I am in the middle of the land of doom...otherwise know as the "office room".

Few people are allowed in here. It is the room where the door is closed unless you know me pretty well and I feel you can handle it. When we did the great HGTV house switcheroo this was supposed to be the very handy and useful office room where I could work on auction stuff/hobbies/art/pay bills. Well, I have yet to do much working in here--I have been carrying stuff out to the kitchen table because of the disarray.

So, right now I am forcing myself to face it. By face it I mean start cleaning it out and organizing it. (You can see that I am off to a good start because I am surfing the internet and blogging instead of actually starting.

Somehow I hope to make this all work. I have a potentially great set-up. A desk for non-messy work. (A beautiful antique--if I even go near it with paint of any sort I think Andrew would have a heart attack.) A desk for messy stuff. A huge 5-drawer file cabinet that I got at an auction. (Since I have been going to lots of auctions lately I have found some awesome deals--it is like a garage sale but way more intense and exciting. I'll have to post soon about my finds.) It is all my piles that are not working.

Well, I'd better face the music...I mean piles of papers and random

Sunday, June 22

little lists, art show

I was "tagged" again the other day--so here is some random information about me!

4 places I go over and over:

1. the studio
2. Target
3. The Chocolate Moose
4. church

4 people that e-mail me:

1. Amy
2. Lindsay
3. Kay
4. Mom

4 of my favorite foods:

1. pizza
2. popcorn
3. bagels (current breakfast favorite!)
4. Cheerios

4 places I'd rather be right now:

1. You might not believe it, but I'm super happy right where I am! (Hanging out at home in the living room.)

4 movies I could watch over and over:

1. You've Got Mail
2. The Devil Wears Prada (I love movies with a good makeover!)
3. Elf
4. The Wedding Planner

Switching gears...

I wrapped up my very first art camp today with a little art show. I had a lot of fun, and I think the kids did too. I am pretty proud of myself because I tend to be the Queen of Planning and Not Following Through. I have lots of good ideas and good starts, but it is rare that I make it to the end. So, I was glad that this was a project that I saw through to completion. The art turned out good--hopefully I can share some pictures soon!

Tuesday, June 17

keep this in mind

I came across this quote that I had saved on my computer a while back. I think it is from author Anna Quindlen. I originally found it on this blog. (A very good one for art/scrapbooking/photo ideas.)

"...but the biggest mistake I made is the one that most of us make while doing this. I did not live in the moment enough. This is particularly clear now that the moment is gone, captured only in photographs. There is one picture of the three of them sitting in the grass on a quilt in the shadow of the swing set on a summer day, ages 6, 4, and 1. And I wish I could remember what we ate, and what we talked about and how they sounded, and how they looked when they slept that night. I wish I had not been in a hurry to get on to the next things: dinner, bath, book, bed. I wish I had treasured the doing a little more and the getting it done a little less."

I think I may post this quote somewhere where I can read it often so I can remember not to be so concerned with always "getting it done". I don't want to be in a hurry--I want to make sure I can soak in as much Max as I can: the way he makes motor noises all the time, the way he runs his hands in my hair when he's tired, how he smells when he's fresh out of the tub.

I think that it takes a little shift of thinking to really get this. I feel that after a year of being a mom that I am really, really treasuring those little moments and little things.

Monday, June 16

a good day

father's day


we had Andrew all to ourselves


lunch out, and ice cream too!


lazy country road driving


found a round barn


a very good day!

Wednesday, June 11


I love peonies. Every year I love looking at all the peonies in other people's yards. This year we actually had some of our own... they didn't last long, but they were pretty.

This is funny...Andrew knows how much I love peonies. I was excited this year because his mom gave us a couple transplants from her yard. I didn't think they were going to live, but they did! When I was going on about how excited I was about the peonies Andrew casually mentioned that he thought that there were more bushes of them in the front yard.


Yes, we had some peony bushes in the front yard that Andrew had been mowing over the three years we have lived here! Obviously he doesn't share my love of them!

Anyway, I took a bunch of pictures of two of the pink peonies that I picked and hope to use them for a big Yupo painting soon.

Friday, June 6


A while ago I posted about a painting that had gone wrong. I finally got around to working on it and making it better. (Sometimes I feel like I am moving in slow motion!) I think that it may find a home in our kitchen--it goes with our green walls and red accessories. I did a painting a couple years ago of a red bird, and it now lives in my aunt Kathie's kitchen.

We are getting ready to embark on a busy weekend: two auctions, Andrew's birthday, etc. Tomorrow I hope to make a cake for Andrew's birthday. Last year I was still in a haze after having Max and his birthday passed without too much fanfare. I don't think you have to go all out on every birthday, but I do think that cake and ice cream are in order.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, June 4


For Max's birthday we got him some of these little Crayola "Tadoodles". They are basically like little weeble things that hold a crayon, and they help make it easier for little hands to draw. (Also, the toy look discourages small children from eating the actual crayon!)

So, the other day I got them out and waited for Max to create his first masterpiece. He knew how to hold them the right way to make marks, but he was more interested in banging them on his high chair tray to make noise rather than drawing. I was so excited watching him create his little drawing. I realized that his artwork will forever cover our refrigerator--I LOVE kid art!

Monday, June 2

we have the best friends

Get this...on Saturday Andrew and I were picked up at our house by a limo and taken to St. Elmo's Steakhouse in downtown Indy. The best part of all this? Our awesome friends planned it all and it was a big fun surprise!

So, first off, a huge thanks to Carissa & Michael, Melissa & Tom, Carolyn & Rodney, & Jodi & Andy. You guys are the best! (Andrew had helped them all out with some real estate paperwork when they all moved their businesses around in Parker City, so our night out on the town was a thank you for that. You go Andrew!)

It was crazy fun to have a limo take us to Indy. (The best part was that it was the same driver that drove our limo on our wedding day!) Andrew and I felt like we were VIP and very fancy. The funniest thing to me the whole night was when we were finished eating Andrew very casually said "While you are in the restroom I will call the driver." Call the driver. Like we do this all the time!

Changing subjects:

Here are a couple answers to questions from the last post...

My business associate (aka baby Max) and I were on both WLBC and WERK last week. It was "Farmland Day" on Wednesday, and both stations were broadcasting live from Farmland to celebrate the official opening of the road. I wanted to get in on some airtime to promote my summer art camps, so we were interviewed (very briefly!) on both stations. Max did really well, except on one of the interviews he got antsy and Karen from the Chocolate Moose had to feed him animal crackers.

My new little Yupo paintings (lilac, pink flower) are for sale in my studio. I can't make up my mind if I am going to put them on my Etsy site or not. I think I can have them both places as long as I remember to take them off the internet if I sell one! Thanks for all the complements on these little paintings...they have been very fun and I think I am going to get some bigger Yupo paper to experiment with other sizes soon.