Monday, March 31


I consider myself to be fairly patient about most things, but there is one area where I tend to loose it. Technology. I don't know what it is, but when my computer, camera, tv, etc. isn't working properly I get so mad! Right now I am trying not to get mad at blogger and the internet because I have a really cute Max picture and it won't let me upload it. Grrrr.... Also, the auto focus on my camera is acting weird. Double grrrr....

Oh well, on a less mad note:

Today I went to see one of my best BSU friends and had a great time. Don't you love it when you see an old friend and you feel like you just saw them yesterday? Fun.

Wednesday, March 26


My blog is all flipped around, and I'm not sure how to get it back! It all started because I wanted to remove the little lines around my header pictures (it drives me crazy because the pictures overlap one side and not the other!), and so I thought I would try to edit the HTML. Whoa...I didn't know what I was doing and I was afraid that I lost all my buttons and pictures and everything. So, I got it as close to normal as I could. I think I will read up a little bit more before I "edit" anything else. What does HTML even mean??

Here's a little update on the major spring cleaning/HGTVing of the house:

1. Our box springs wouldn't fit up the stairs, so Andrew and I are sleeping on the mattress (just the mattress!) on the floor. I think this is how they sleep in Japan, right?

2. We got rid of a whole van load of stuff during the clean out. We're talking big van, not mini van.

3. I can't find anything.

4. Our office is set up and it looks pretty neat so far. We haven't done much working in there yet, so I am sure that will change.

Friday, March 21

(big time) spring cleaning

Now that spring is officially here, it is time for some major spring cleaning. I don't know if I have ever had such an urge to clean out before! I think part of that is because I haven't moved in a while. In college, you move around quite a bit--or I did anyway--and you never live anywhere long enough for it to really need cleaned out.

Well, let me tell you, the spring cleaning has begun!

With the help of my Professional Organizer (my mom!) I feel like we are attacking the whole house. (We're not just cleaning, I think we are going to re-arrange the whole house!) The whole thing got started when Andrew and I decided that Max needed his own room. Up until this point he has had one end of the living room as his little area. It has worked fine until recently. Little babies (or our little baby anyway) can sleep through lots of things. Now that he is older we think he needs his own quiet room to retreat to.

That situation opened the can of worms! The can of worms looks like this:

1.If we move Max upstairs, I wanted our bedroom to be upstairs also. (Its a mom thing.)

2. In order to move upstairs we need to clean it all out because until this point it has been used like a giant closet.

3. All the stuff from the giant upstairs closet has to be dealt with.

4. Our current bedroom will be changed into our office.

5. While we're at it, lets get new kitchen flooring, move the door to the bathroom and re-vinyl the back room.

In other words, lets just say that we are HGTVing the whole house. (Fans of HGTV know what I mean!) I even took before pictures today. Stay tuned for the "big reveal"!

Tuesday, March 18

skipped one

I've been working on updating my Etsy shop (at this rate I'll have everything current by Christmas!). If you check it out, you'll see that I skipped February 17th. I thought I would share it here.

Andrew and Max usually have lots of cuddle/nap time together, and this particular day I sketched it. How could I sell this?

Monday, March 17

10 month teddy bear pictures

Even with an assistant (Andrew), the teddy pictures were hard to get! As you can see, Max is all over the place. In general, my picture taking of Max has slowed down a little bit because of his quickness. I am partial to close, "quiet" portraits. I think those days are over! I am getting anxious to get all the teddy bear pictures printed out so I can see them all together. There are so many options for digital pictures now, I'm not sure if I want them black & white, color, separate, in a big collage....etc.

Oh, and Happy St. Patrick's Day! I am feeling festive because I actually remembered to wear green. I think green is my new favorite color. Purple was the favorite, but now it is green--all shades of green. (Aren't you glad you know that now?)

Friday, March 14


Every year it seems like it takes longer and longer for the trees to bud and spring to arrive. I saw a couple different signs of spring today that made the waiting easier: robins (lots!) and a few sprigs of fresh green grass.

I used to think that this time of year was ugly, but I now see that there is beauty in this pre-spring time too. (You just have to look a little harder!)

Thursday, March 13

today i:

Took Max for a check-up.
Went to the grocery and post office.
Cuddled, fed, changed, played, tickled, kissed, hugged.
Taught an art lesson.
Made lasagna for tomorrow.
E-mailed. Called.
Went to an art show with my boys.
Went out to eat.

Loved every minute.

Tuesday, March 11

in the know

When I came to the studio this morning the little side road was blocked off and the fire truck was here. So, my first thought was that something (probably water!) had gone terribly wrong inside my place. To my relief, I was able to enter my studio without problems or rushing water.

I was still curious to all the activity and road blockage.

One of the fun things about a small town is that if you know the right people you can find out things. I ran into one of my favorite Farmland people who are "In the Know" and he informed me that there was a gas leak a little ways down from my studio.


Luckily they got it shut off. Which is good because this whole end of town could have blown up.

Or so my informant says...

Thursday, March 6

so that's what it is!

I saw something on the Today show that made me feel a little bit better this morning: The reason I am so forgetful now is because I have "Momnesia". I feel like I forget everything these days! I have to put post its on the door so I don't walk out and forget the things that I am going out to do. No joke! At least now I know I am not alone!

Wednesday, March 5

february polaroid paintings

I decided to post the February paintings in a little mosaic rather than one by one. Hopefully I can get my Etsy shop all updated by the end of the week.

Tuesday, March 4

target is dangerous...

My love for Target runs deep. I have always enjoyed shopping for all kinds of stuff there. I registered for our wedding and baby stuff there. Max and I go to Target about once a week. (Besides home, the studio and church, I think Target is the place we go to most!)

Today I went to Target to pick up the usual stuff: diapers, formula, baby food, gifts, etc. Andrew's mom was baby sitting for Max, so I had some time to actually look more than usual, and I have decided that is dangerous for me! Target has done a wonderful job of marketing/advertising/displaying/ so that you feel that everything is cute and you need it! Bad! Luckily I got out of there today with only an extra magazine in the cart. Whew.

You see, I am really trying to cut down on my consumption of unnecessary things (i.e. cute things at Target) for a couple of reasons:
1. For a while I thought we needed a bigger house, but I have decided we just need less stuff. So, I am weeding out the stuff we don't use. While I am doing this I really don't need to buy other stuff.
2. Since Andrew is an auctioneer, I go to lots of auctions. You wouldn't believe all the stuff you see! (Which is good for us, because we're in the business of selling the stuff!) I just imagine all the things from our house all on tables with people going through it. You don't want people to think you are crazy because you kept every magazine you ever owned!
3. Don't they say: "Less is More"?

Saturday, March 1

the gate, busy painting

We put up a baby gate that blocks off the living room from our entry/kitchen area. (Max was getting too fast for us, and this was better than following him around and pulling things out of his hands: recycling, electrical cords, shoes, etc.) He does a lot of peeking over the gate. Love these pictures.

I've been very busy painting. I have lots of motivation lately, and I'm not sure where it is coming from. (I am very happy because usually I get really geared up about something and then it tapers off and I quit.) After tonight I am officially (finally!) all caught up on my polaroid paintings from our vacation and when I was sick. I am very surprised that I have 2 whole months of little paintings almost finished! Now I just have to scan and post them all. (Be ready for tons of paintings to look at next week!)

The only downside to painting a lot is that it is taking over our kitchen table. I have one little basket that I told myself was the only place here at home I could put my art stuff. Good in theory.