Tuesday, January 29

polaroid paintings 22-28

Feeling a little under the weather today which is never good. I am drinking hot tea as we speak, trying to feel a little better.

Isn't it funny how we turn to certain things when we feel sick? I always like tea, Sprite, crackers, and big sweatshirts. Right now just the tea will have to do. Hopefully when I get home I can find a big sweatshirt and maybe even some crackers.

Thursday, January 24


Needless to say, I think that Max has learned to cheese it up for the camera. From now on I will probably have to try and sneak pictures if I want a more natural look!

Tuesday, January 22

polaroid paintings 15-21

Here's the next installment of polaroid paintings! As you can see, the bird motif is seriously moving in on these little paintings now!

My hope for these little paintings is to see them all together in a little show once the year is over. So, maybe around June I was thinking that I would approach a couple galleries and pitch my little idea. When I was thinking this through, I thought a good title for the show would be simply "365". (One painting for every day of the year.) What I didn't realize was that this is a leap year and we have 366 days. "366" doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

Monday, January 21

"i feel like we're on the titanic!"

There was a little excitement today at the studio:

My art student and I were sitting in the back area, painting away when we heard a hissing noise coming from under my sink. We sat and listened to it for a couple seconds until the pipe burst and started shooting hot steamy water EVERYWHERE!!!

You see, when I leave the studio I usually turn the heat down to conserve energy when I am not there. Well, when I got there today the place was super cold because I turned it completely off by mistake. So, my pipes froze. No biggie, I thought. That was until my studio started filling up with water when they thawed out and busted a pipe!

So, here we were, my student (also named Abby) and I started running around through the steam and rushing water and picked up all the artwork off the floor.

"I feel like we are on the Titanic!" she yelled. Funny.

Luckily my Mom and Grandpa Bob showed up shortly after the Titanic moment to turn off the water and help mop up the mess. No casualties, art or otherwise. Whew.

On a brighter (and drier) note: I am writing this post from home tonight because we now have internet at our house! Oh happy day! I guess a spotbeam opened up or something!

Thursday, January 17

Tuesday, January 15

polaroid paintings 8-14

Here's the next group from my polaroid painting series. I'm still really enjoying the time I spend on these every evening. I can tell that I am going to run out of things to paint, so I think it will challenge me to keep looking for fresh ideas.

Man...it is super cold today! So, here is a little list of things I like about the cold weather: (It helps to stay positive!)
1. When you have a pop in the car it stays cold while you run your errands.
2. The trash can outside doesn't stink.
3. It makes you want to eat soup.
4. Scarves are fun to wear.
That's all the things I can think of right now...

Happy cold Tuesday!

Monday, January 14


I'm feeling a little bummed due to the Colts' loss yesterday. Max is taking it especially hard. Oh well, football season will come around again before we know it.

Before my art lesson this afternoon I decided to start cleaning out my studio. Art people by nature I think tend to accumulate a lot of stuff because "we may need it later". Well, I'm trying to let go of that idea and clear out some of the things I haven't used in a while. Hopefully a clean studio will result in more creative paintings. (It can't hurt!)

Oh...today is my 100th post! Fun! I have more little polaroid paintings to share tomorrow...

Tuesday, January 8

polaroid project

Here's the scoop on my new art project for the year:

I have decided to paint a small polaroid size painting EVERY day. (I am very happy to say that I made it the first week without skipping any days!) This is going to give me the chance to experiment and explore different ideas on a small scale, plus I will just get into the habit of doing some art every day.

I am sure that this project will get tedious, so I am not limiting myself to any particular medium or subject matter. I am also resisting going back and changing or correcting previous paintings. Every painting has it's own day, and I am trying not to let them overlap.

My goal is to post the paintings each week. (Look for them on Tuesdays.) I promise I won't cheat and do them all the day before they are "due"!

I am excited to see where the year takes me and my little polaroid paintings!