Monday, November 19

6 month teddy bear pictures

Here is one of the pictures from our 6 month teddy bear photo session. There wasn't any wrestling like last month, but there is much more "interaction" than months past. This was the first month that Max could sit up on his own, so that added a new element to the photos.

Here's a little random list for Monday...
1. I had hoped to have all my Christmas shopping finished this year before Thanksgiving. I have got a start, but I don't think I will be finished. Always next year, right?
2. Our new stove is working very well. It is so nice and clean! (I haven't tackled any new or interesting dishes yet...I'll keep you posted.)
3. Today at the bank I saw a very little car with the tallest antenna I have ever seen. It made me wonder what it is used for. (Judging by the size, I would say it is for contacting aliens.)
4. Main Street Farmland is open again! Be careful when walking around town...if you're like me you have become accustomed to the road being shut down. I have to remind myself to look before crossing the street!
5. My favorite Thanksgiving food is mashed potatoes. (And pumpkin pie, and stuffing...)

Thursday, November 15

"year of the kenmore"

You know how there is a certain gift that you are supposed to give your spouse for your anniversary? (The first year is paper, the second cotton, etc.) Well, for our second anniversary Andrew and I have decided that it is the "year of the Kenmore". Our other stove was having a myriad of different issues, so it was time to get a new one. So for our anniversary we went to Sears and picked out a nice basic Kenmore gas stove. (Very romantic!)
I am soooo excited about the new stove. I went through my back issues of Everyday Food (great magazine...I highly recommend it!) and picked out some new recipes I want to try. Max and I have already been to the grocery to get the ingredients. We are just anxiously awaiting the installation of our stove. (Say a little prayer for Andrew--the idea of hooking up an appliance that runs on gas is a little scary!)

I've been thinking about my cooking lately, and how I feel it is time to broaden my horizons. I think I make some good food, but most of it involves the use of either Velveeta cheese and tomato soup...or sometimes both! (Not that there is anything wrong with using these--they make everything yummy!) After watching lots of Food Network and Top Chef I am inspired to try something more challenging.
I think I want to try a whole roasted chicken. It seems like a very classic and useful thing to know how to cook. They only thing is that I am a little bit afraid of the whole chicken with all the parts and skin and everything. I remember having to cut up a whole chicken in high school foods class and it was traumatic!

Monday, November 12

who's the new guy?

Guys I should say. We have two new equine creatures that have joined our farm: a draft horse named Hitch, and a donkey named Taco. I was not too surprised when Andrew told me that we were getting a new draft horse. They come and go frequently from our place. I was surprised when he said that we might be getting a donkey. Andrew isn't very fond of donkeys. So why are we now the proud owners of one?

Well, Andrew wanted to buy a little cart for our mini horse. They owner would not sell it unless we took the donkey too. (I guess it was an "everything must go" situation.) Too funny.

Andrew already told me not to get attached to the donkey because he will probably not be staying long. I do have some pictures of Taco with Max. I can't tell if he likes donkeys yet or not.

Monday, November 5

soup and Superman

Just thought I would share a picture of my little "Man of Steel"...Max was an adorable Superman on Halloween!

Also, I want to report that the search for the perfect potato soup recipe is over. (Thanks Carissa!) I made the soup yesterday and it was everything I was hoping for. If anyone is interested in the recipe let me know and I will pass it on. I will have to think of another excuse to pull out all my cookbooks!