Wednesday, September 26


It's been a while! I feel like I have been running around a lot lately--lots of painting, playing with Max, art lessons, etc. Needless to say I feel a bit on the scatterbrained side lately. I've been painting at home and at the studio so some of my art stuff is here, some at home. When I'm at the studio I need the stuff at home. At home I need the stuff that's at the studio.

Isn't that how it always works?

Saturday, September 15

art show, teddy bear

Last night Andrew and I attended the opening reception for "Open Space: Art About the Land" at Minnetrista Cultural Center. This show is in conjunction with Red Tail Conservancy, an organization that works to preserve local natural habitats. The show was really good. I love going to openings because it is so neat to see other work--it gives you ideas. Plus, I had three pieces in the show (yay!) so that was fun too. (In the picture one of my paintings is on the right below the sign.)

Today Max is 4 months old, so we had to do the monthly teddy bear picture. Too cute!

Hope everyone is having a good Saturday so far!

Thursday, September 13

a little space

This is a picture I took of Max while he was napping this morning. It was one of those times when the light was just right and I ran for the camera! I took some close-ups too, but for some reason I like this one because of the negative space that it has. Here's a short art lesson for you: The negative, or empty space is just as important as the positive or full space. (This should be review for Andrew, we had a discussion about this just the other day.) There have been lots of times when I see this empty wall in our house and thought that it needed something...

Today I thought the empty space was beautiful.

Wednesday, September 12

painting day

Working on a big painting today at the studio. It is of the sign out in front of the Chocolate Moose here in Farmland. I am really liking this painting. The colors are working nicely, composition is good, but mostly I like it because it has the word "chocolate" on it!

Tuesday, September 11

max likes to read

I have always loved books and reading. I especially love kids books. My childhood ambition was to be a children's book author/illustrator.
Andrew and I have started to read to Max, and I think he really likes it. I think he likes to eat the books as much as anything right now. Judging from the picture he finds his tractor book to be especially tasty.

Friday, September 7

are you ready for some football?

Last night I went to my first Colts game...very fun! I have never seen so many blue jerseys in all my life! The thing about the game that I was the most fascinated with was the NBC camera people. They were up on these big things that moved all around with a small tv on them that showed what people at home were seeing. It was so crazy to watch the timing of it all. (Not to mention how fast everything had to move! They were wearing little bungees so they didn't fall off their stands.) Here are some other random observations of my first NFL game:
1. When something good happens everyone high fives each other like they had something to do with it. (I was making fun of it until I caught myself doing it at the end of the game!)
2. Just because you pay $5 for nachos doesn't mean that they will be good.
3. People who dress up in the opposing team's colors don't act so tough after the game...(HA!)
4. There are so many random jobs that make the games happen: the "Run Behind the Camera Man Cord Guy", the "I Wear Yellow and Stand Around Security Guy", and of course, the "Hold the Funny Looking Plastic Sound Thing Guy."
Just some fun thoughts about the game...enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, September 4

crunch time

Last night Andrew and I were talking about my show and all the things that still need to be done. (You see, Andrew is my awesome frame maker, so the faster I can get my paintings done the earlier he can get to work.) The conversation went a little something like this:
ANDREW: When does your show start?
ME: Oct 11, but we hang it on the 5th.
ANDREW: So you need to be done painting the week before that so we have plenty of time for frames...
ME: OH NO...(followed by increased heart rate and a small ammount of panic.)

I have always been a bit of a procrastinator. I remember in my drawing 2 class at Ball State I sat next to a girl who always went home after class and worked that night on her drawings so she could relax on the weekends. Not me...I waited until I was pushed against the wall to get anything done.

So, when I was first approached about this show (A YEAR AGO!!!) I thought things would be different. Some things never change I guess. Just know that if you come to my show every piece will be "fresh" and "new". That's got to count for something, right?