Wednesday, August 29

something fun

Here's something fun that I found the other day: Big Huge Labs is a fun place to upload pictures and put frames on them, make posters, etc. I haven't had time to play around with too many things on there, but I did find that I like the stamp frame. (This site is extra fun because you just upload your pictures, then you can save them for free if you like them!)

Tuesday, August 21

"owning your talent"

"Each time I write a book, every time I face that yellow pad, the challenge is so great. I have written eleven books, but each time I think, 'Uh, oh, they're going to find out now. I've run a game on everybody and they're going to find me out.'"
-Maya Angelou

There is a great book that I turn back to time and again for inspiration. Simple Abundance is full good advice and thoughts about creating an authentic life. (It's a fun book to read because there is a page or so for every day of the year.) I haven't read this book in a while, and on Saturday I decided to see what it had to say for the day.

Wouldn't you know--it was just what I needed. I struggle all the time with "owning my talent". I feel like I am faking it most the time--that I am not really an artist, but I am just pretending to be. As I am getting ready for my show in October, these feelings are stronger...I worry that people will come to the show and that I will be "found out". Here's part of what I read about that:

"Many artists feel that they will be 'found out,' sooner or later--and probably sooner. For when we create, although we know that [God] works with us and through us, the work comes into the world with our name on it. This is the artist's struggle. If we don't create, we snuff out the divine spark. If we do create, we feel we're showing a false face to the world because we know we didn't do it alone, even if nobody else does."
"But the struggle and the scam stop once we cease denying our talent and become willing to own it--humbly, gratefully, and respectfully--and then share it with the world."

Something to think about...

Friday, August 17


Today Max and I went for a walk in Farmland. (It is beautiful out! Not too hot!) Now we are back at the studio napping and painting. (Max is napping and I am painting. I think Max is very smart, but painting at 3 months would be just crazy!) I am happy to report that the big painting that I started the other day is working nicely so far. We'll see how it goes!

Happy Friday to everyone...enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, August 16

pencil drawing

As promised, this is the new drawing from yesterday. It is a graphite drawing on a beautiful tan paper. (The paper almost feels like suede--very soft and nice to draw on.) This is a view of the "south side" of Farmland: the Pizza King, etc. I love doing little drawings like these. My favorite is to actually sit outside and draw them from life instead of a photograph. Hopefully when it cools down a little I can take some of my students outside and make some that way!

Wednesday, August 15

painting of home

Art notes:
Here is another new little painting: it is of the pathway that leads from our barn down to the creek. I started a small pencil drawing this morning that is promising...I will probably share that one tomorrow. I think I have narrowed down which photo I want to make into a large painting. If all goes well I will start it this afternoon.

Max note:
Today Max is exactly 3 months old! I attempted to take his monthly teddy bear pictures this morning, but he was very busy falling over and eating his hands. I think I will need Andrew's help tonight to get some good ones!

Monday, August 13

fun day

Yesterday Max and I went to my Mom's house for the afternoon. I took this picture of him in Mom's sun room. Look how big he is getting! We both had fun yesterday: Max played with "Nana" while I did some swimming in the pool. It was the first time that I have been swimming in a long time! I felt like a kid! Here are a couple other kid things I did yesterday:

read a fun book
ate a Ding Dong (yum!)
wore a goofy hat and sunglasses (at the same time!)
laughed until my stomach hurt

You would think that the majority of these "kid" things were things that I did with Max, but oddly enough only the book one was! Obviously he is too little for Ding Dongs, so that was all me. I had to wear the sunglasses and the hat at the same time because I am very fair and had to protect myself from the sun while I was in the pool. The laughing was with Andrew.

I enjoyed all the kid things so much that I think I will try to do them more often!

Tuesday, August 7

new paintings

I've been working on some little watercolor/graphite pieces based on the photos that I took last week. So far they are very fun! They are very illustrative...I feel like I am simply recording all the things around me. I have a couple pictures that I would love to see as a big painting, but I am struggling with the big paintings lately. (The two paintings pictured are both small: 5x7).

I think this particular series of paintings will be very special to me because Max has been right there with me the whole time while I have been working on them. I set up shop at home at the kitchen table and he sits right next to me while I work. I ask him if he likes the paintings as I go, and he just smiles so I assume that means that he does.

Thursday, August 2

photo "safari"

Last night after dinner at the Chocolate Moose, Andrew and Max went around downtown Farmland with me to do a photo "safari". Basically we walked around town and snapped some pictures of interesting things. I was trying to find some new subjects to paint.
Here are some things we found: (check out "super baby" at the bottom!)

Wednesday, August 1

sweet corn freezing world record

Yesterday I think we might of set the world record for the amount of sweet corn frozen in a single day. (Probably not, but it felt like it!) I told my dad that I wanted to freeze some corn, probably about 20 dozen or so. When he dropped of the corn yesterday morning he mentioned that he might of gotten carried away and picked too much. There was quite a mountain of corn in my yard, but it didn't seem too bad. We ended up freezing 40 dozen! (For anyone who has never frozen corn before, it is a very long and sticky process.) My mom and my grandparents were the main force of the operation. (Luckily I had a couple art lessons so I missed the shucking part. That is the worst!) Max was there too...he wasn't much help, but he was very cute.

Even though it was a long day of corn freezing, it was really fun. It was nice spending time with my mom and my grandparents...even if we were up to our elbows in corn!