Tuesday, July 31

morning person?

I have never considered myself a morning person before, but now I feel like I might be turning into one. There is something about the early morning hours that makes me feel productive. Maybe it is because I don't wake up to a traditional alarm clock anymore. (My new alarm clock's name is Max.) He usually wakes me about 4 or 5. Sometimes after eating he will go back to sleep, but today he wanted to be up for the day. These times are usually fun...just me and my little guy hanging out. I felt like I had a jump start on the day--taking a bath really early, having some coffee, reading.

Don't get me wrong...I would still love to sleep in a little later, but lately I'm liking the early hours.

Wednesday, July 25

painting progress

The new painting with the house in it is coming along...I'm just not sure about it at this point! It has reached a dangerously ugly stage. (See post for March 21.) It is very close to becoming a bunch of bookmarks.

Sometimes I spend too much time trying to get ready to work on my paintings. I feel like I need to go through my sketchbook or surf the net for ideas before I start. (This is ok sometimes, but bad when I spend all my painting time doing "research".) I have found a really neat "research" site for crafty folks like myself: etsy.com. This is where artists of all kinds set up little shops where they can sell their artwork and crafts. Check it out, but be warned. You may be like me and spend too much time looking!

Tuesday, July 24

wedding weekend

This past weekend my brother Cale got married. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding...the weather was perfect. Andrew and I were both in the wedding so we were all spiffed up. (Max was also looking spiffy at the wedding in his new outfit.) It is so much fun to get all dressed up once in a while!

This week in my studio I am still staying with my "no freaking out plan." I took inventory of my paintings and realized that I have more completed than I thought. Yay! I am currently working on a big piece that centers around a simple picture of a house. I am hoping to get that one done this week. (If I do I will share some pictures!)

Wednesday, July 18

"no freaking out plan": day 2

I am happy to report that day 2 of my "no freaking out plan" is going well. I came into the studio early today before my lessons to get in an hour of painting time. I don't know why I didn't think of this plan earlier. Do you ever find that you just need to get out of your own way? I am finding that if I just take all my worries and step aside that God takes over and it is all ok.

On another note:

I am taking TONS of pictures of Max. I have always been interested in photography, but have never had such an adorable subject to practice on! One of my favorite things to do is look at other photographer's work on the internet. Here is a photographer who's work I really love.

Tuesday, July 17

teddy bear pictures

On Sunday we took Max's picture with his teddy bear again. (He's two months old now.) I can't believe how much he has changed in just one month's time!

It is really coming down to the wire with my upcoming art show. I have decided not to freak out...(something new I am trying). Instead I think I will break it down into manageable chunks. I bet if I spend just an hour a day working my paintings will start coming along. No worrying/freaking out/crying necessary.

I will report how this new plan works...

Wednesday, July 11

new snack obsession

Do you ever get hooked on a certain snack? I tend to go in cycles with my favorite snack foods...I pick one thing and eat it like crazy until I get sick of it. Then I pick a new one.

My current favorite snack is Stauffer's animal crackers. There are several reasons why I love them:
They come in a huge bag.
They are pretty cheap.
They are just sweet enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.
They are easy to eat with one hand while you are holding a baby.
They are a good vehicle for things like icing. (Yum!!)

They funny thing about these crackers is that you can't really tell what animal they are supposed to be. I was thrilled to find out that there is a website to help with this! If you too are curious about your animal crackers check this out.

Tuesday, July 3

studio baby

Today my mom came to the studio with Max and me to do a little bit of cleaning up before I start my art lessons up next week. I feel so lucky that I am able to do work that I love and that I can bring my baby with me! I am excited to see all my art students again and eager to work on pieces for my show. Look for more frequent posts next week!