Friday, December 28

going old school

Yesterday I bought something new that is old...a Polaroid camera! I am super excited because I have always loved them. I tried it out this morning on Max and he seemed to like how the picture popped out and made a loud noise.

I will explain more about why I am so excited about my new purchase later...

Sorry about the lack of recent posts. You see, we do not have high speed internet at our house--it is a very sad thing. Andrew called around to every place we could think of that would offer high speed and we had zero luck. (Something about lack of "spotbeams"?) Anyway, just so you know, my lack of posting is not to lack of interest by any means.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas!

Tuesday, December 18

7 month teddy bear picture

Max is seven months old now, so we had his teddy bear photo session the other day. Too funny.

I am feeling very happy because I think I am officially all finished with my Christmas shopping. Whew. The mall/Target area of Muncie today was very crazy. Have you ever noticed how it seems like people don't follow traffic signs very well if they are in a parking lot area? It's almost like they are just suggestions. I remember learning in drivers ed that you should pretend that all the parking spaces have cars in them. By doing that you can't just cut through the middle of the lot at full speed because you would hit the pretend cars. I think I am one of the only people that remembers that from drivers ed!

Thursday, December 13


Since the snow has melted for now, I thought I would share a new little snowy painting. I find the rain to be dreary...I hope the snow comes back!

Tuesday, December 11

more student art

As promised, here is another student artwork by a fourth grader named Abby. (What a great name she has!) I am so proud of this painting! She worked really hard and got a beautiful result.

Speaking of art, I am really excited about the first of the year because I have a big painting project planned for myself. I will go into more detail later; I am still in the planning stages now. It is going to be part experiment, part discipline, part visual journal. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, December 4

whoa...time flies!

It's been a while since I have had time to post! I can't believe that it is December already. It seems like the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas gets shorter every year!

Today I wanted to share a painting from one of my students. This still life is in acrylic, and was painted by Chase--a fifth grader. (Believe it!) Awesome job Chase! My students are really doing some great work, so hopefully I will be able to share some more soon.

If anyone is out and about tonight, stop by my studio during Farmland's Holiday Walk. (Downtown Farmland from 5-9 pm.) They are forecasting snow so it should be festive (and cold!!)