Tuesday, June 26

skimming the surface

As a new mom, one of the things that I have very quickly learned is that most of the time you skim the surface of the things that you used to do. For example:

You go to the store, but don't browse.
Read the paper, but only the most interesting articles. (Which for me is the comics--does that count as an article?)
Take a shower, but that's about it: no lotion, makeup etc.
Clean the house...no wait, that doesn't happen much any more. Ha!

It is funny how fast priorities change once you have a baby!

Tuesday, June 19

fun pictures

How fun are these pictures? I took them last week...every month on the 15th I'm going to take Max's picture with the same teddy bear so we can see how big he is getting in relation to it. I captured some pretty funny faces! I would write more today, but I am typing with one hand (holding Max with the other) and it is taking a while!

Friday, June 15


Do you ever have a moment when you realize how much you have to be thankful for? I've been having lots of moments like those lately!

As father's day is approaching, I am so thankful for Andrew and what a great dad is he already. It has been so great to see him with Max so far, and I am excited to watch them together in the future. Andrew has big plans for Max that include big horses and other scary things for moms, so I am a little nervous. (By the way...Max is 1 month old today! I can't believe it!)

On an art note...I started a new sketchbook/journal yesterday. I am hoping to find some new inspiration for my upcoming show. (I bet I will because I feel like I am a different person now that I am a mom!)

Wednesday, June 13

sweet smiles

The moment I had been waiting for happened yesterday...Max gave me his first little "social smile". He has been smiling a lot, but I think up until this point they had all been gas related. (Don't get me wrong, the gas smiles are very sweet too!) Andrew and I were talking to Max yesterday morning about all kinds of things. I starting telling Andrew about how Max was about to outgrow his newborn diapers and we were going to have to buy "big boy" size 1 diapers. I started going on and on about how he was such a big boy, etc. This is when Max grinned with his whole face...even his little eyes lit up!

This little smile made my day...I can't wait for the next one!

Saturday, June 2

been a little busy...

We've been a little bit busy lately...our new baby joined us on May 15th! It is so surreal that the little guy I was waiting for is finally here! I am just now feeling like I am part of the world again, so hopefully soon Max will be able to join me here in the studio for some little painting sessions.

Before I go, here are some quick observations I have made on "mommyhood" so far:

Now that I am a mom, I have never felt more young and childlike! It probably has something to do with not knowing quite what I am doing! (Yikes!)

I can now take a shower in record time.

I have a new understanding and closeness with my own mom.

I feel like I am in a state of constant prayer...(I'm sure that is something that will continue as Max grows!)