Monday, May 14

mother's day

Andrew decided that I was close enough to being a mom on mother's day that I deserved a little present. He got me some beautiful hanging flower baskets for the front porch. Pretty and pink...I love them!

I had some flowers on the front porch last year but they weren't as pretty as these. (I must confess that I was not very good at watering them...they would get very droopy before I remembered!) I am going to be better about watering my new flowers. I got a new handy hose attachment today that makes it very easy, so I do not have an excuse!

Friday, May 11

away in a manger...

We still haven't had our baby yet, but someone else at our place gave birth recently...and it wasn't the birds in the garage hatching.

Andrew decided to put the horses in the barn last night because he was doing a little weed killing around the pasture. (It would be bad if they decided to eat the treated weeds!) Anyway, he put the horses in and discovered a litter of 6 kittens! They were in one of the mangers in the barn! The babies just barely have their eyes open. So cute!

Hopefully I can get a picture of our new arrivals soon!

Thursday, May 10

waiting activities

So, here's what I've been up to since the "waiting" started:

running errands (oil change, shopping, etc.)
daytime tv (no soap operas, stuff like the today show)
cleaning, laundry
quality time with the dogs
helping friends with projects

That's about it for now. I wish I had more eventful things to write about! As for the bird in our garage, she is still waiting also. No sign of any babies yet. I feel sorry for her because she has to sit in the same spot and wait, at least I can get out and do some things!

Monday, May 7

beautiful day for waiting

What a beautiful day today...a good day for waiting! The due date for our baby is now only a week away! I finished up with all my art lessons last week, so now I am just tying up loose ends and waiting! It is funny how hard waiting can be sometimes...especially when you don't know how long the waiting will last.

Don't get me wrong, I have plenty of stuff that can keep me busy until the baby gets here: paintings that need to be done, projects that need finished, cleaning the house, etc. It is just getting harder and harder to focus on these things!

I thought I would share a new little painting with you today...more acrylic and india ink on an old book page. It is another little one--only 4x4". I am liking these little paintings right now, so I think I will stick with them as long as I am having fun. (Plus, a large painting would take a little more focus, which is an issue right now!)

PS: The bird in our garage is still perched on her nest, so no
sign of any baby birds yet...

Thursday, May 3

fellow "nester"

I have been continuing to nest around the house as the due date for my baby gets closer. (Cleaning, organizing, etc.) I have discovered that I am not alone in getting my nest ready...a little bird has decided that our garage would be the best place to have her babies.

At first I didn't realize that this bird had a nest in the garage. All I knew was that everytime I went to get into the car a bird flew out and scared me. I didn't really think too much of it. Then I found her nest perched up on top of a basketball game of Andrew's. By the time I told Andrew about it, she had allready laid her eggs, and it broke my heart to think of moving it. So, as we speak, a little bird is "nesting" in the garage.

As I mentioned before, the bird gets very scared when I went into the garage and flew around like crazy. One day she was so freaked out that she flew into the net of the basketball game and got stuck for a while. I was very upset about this! So, I have found that if I sing a little song as I go in she will just sit there and not fly away. I feel silly, but I'm just trying to help another future mom out a little bit!

I am just curious as to who is going to have her baby first: me or the bird?