Friday, December 28

going old school

Yesterday I bought something new that is old...a Polaroid camera! I am super excited because I have always loved them. I tried it out this morning on Max and he seemed to like how the picture popped out and made a loud noise.

I will explain more about why I am so excited about my new purchase later...

Sorry about the lack of recent posts. You see, we do not have high speed internet at our house--it is a very sad thing. Andrew called around to every place we could think of that would offer high speed and we had zero luck. (Something about lack of "spotbeams"?) Anyway, just so you know, my lack of posting is not to lack of interest by any means.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas!

Tuesday, December 18

7 month teddy bear picture

Max is seven months old now, so we had his teddy bear photo session the other day. Too funny.

I am feeling very happy because I think I am officially all finished with my Christmas shopping. Whew. The mall/Target area of Muncie today was very crazy. Have you ever noticed how it seems like people don't follow traffic signs very well if they are in a parking lot area? It's almost like they are just suggestions. I remember learning in drivers ed that you should pretend that all the parking spaces have cars in them. By doing that you can't just cut through the middle of the lot at full speed because you would hit the pretend cars. I think I am one of the only people that remembers that from drivers ed!

Thursday, December 13


Since the snow has melted for now, I thought I would share a new little snowy painting. I find the rain to be dreary...I hope the snow comes back!

Tuesday, December 11

more student art

As promised, here is another student artwork by a fourth grader named Abby. (What a great name she has!) I am so proud of this painting! She worked really hard and got a beautiful result.

Speaking of art, I am really excited about the first of the year because I have a big painting project planned for myself. I will go into more detail later; I am still in the planning stages now. It is going to be part experiment, part discipline, part visual journal. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, December 4

whoa...time flies!

It's been a while since I have had time to post! I can't believe that it is December already. It seems like the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas gets shorter every year!

Today I wanted to share a painting from one of my students. This still life is in acrylic, and was painted by Chase--a fifth grader. (Believe it!) Awesome job Chase! My students are really doing some great work, so hopefully I will be able to share some more soon.

If anyone is out and about tonight, stop by my studio during Farmland's Holiday Walk. (Downtown Farmland from 5-9 pm.) They are forecasting snow so it should be festive (and cold!!)

Monday, November 19

6 month teddy bear pictures

Here is one of the pictures from our 6 month teddy bear photo session. There wasn't any wrestling like last month, but there is much more "interaction" than months past. This was the first month that Max could sit up on his own, so that added a new element to the photos.

Here's a little random list for Monday...
1. I had hoped to have all my Christmas shopping finished this year before Thanksgiving. I have got a start, but I don't think I will be finished. Always next year, right?
2. Our new stove is working very well. It is so nice and clean! (I haven't tackled any new or interesting dishes yet...I'll keep you posted.)
3. Today at the bank I saw a very little car with the tallest antenna I have ever seen. It made me wonder what it is used for. (Judging by the size, I would say it is for contacting aliens.)
4. Main Street Farmland is open again! Be careful when walking around town...if you're like me you have become accustomed to the road being shut down. I have to remind myself to look before crossing the street!
5. My favorite Thanksgiving food is mashed potatoes. (And pumpkin pie, and stuffing...)

Thursday, November 15

"year of the kenmore"

You know how there is a certain gift that you are supposed to give your spouse for your anniversary? (The first year is paper, the second cotton, etc.) Well, for our second anniversary Andrew and I have decided that it is the "year of the Kenmore". Our other stove was having a myriad of different issues, so it was time to get a new one. So for our anniversary we went to Sears and picked out a nice basic Kenmore gas stove. (Very romantic!)
I am soooo excited about the new stove. I went through my back issues of Everyday Food (great magazine...I highly recommend it!) and picked out some new recipes I want to try. Max and I have already been to the grocery to get the ingredients. We are just anxiously awaiting the installation of our stove. (Say a little prayer for Andrew--the idea of hooking up an appliance that runs on gas is a little scary!)

I've been thinking about my cooking lately, and how I feel it is time to broaden my horizons. I think I make some good food, but most of it involves the use of either Velveeta cheese and tomato soup...or sometimes both! (Not that there is anything wrong with using these--they make everything yummy!) After watching lots of Food Network and Top Chef I am inspired to try something more challenging.
I think I want to try a whole roasted chicken. It seems like a very classic and useful thing to know how to cook. They only thing is that I am a little bit afraid of the whole chicken with all the parts and skin and everything. I remember having to cut up a whole chicken in high school foods class and it was traumatic!

Monday, November 12

who's the new guy?

Guys I should say. We have two new equine creatures that have joined our farm: a draft horse named Hitch, and a donkey named Taco. I was not too surprised when Andrew told me that we were getting a new draft horse. They come and go frequently from our place. I was surprised when he said that we might be getting a donkey. Andrew isn't very fond of donkeys. So why are we now the proud owners of one?

Well, Andrew wanted to buy a little cart for our mini horse. They owner would not sell it unless we took the donkey too. (I guess it was an "everything must go" situation.) Too funny.

Andrew already told me not to get attached to the donkey because he will probably not be staying long. I do have some pictures of Taco with Max. I can't tell if he likes donkeys yet or not.

Monday, November 5

soup and Superman

Just thought I would share a picture of my little "Man of Steel"...Max was an adorable Superman on Halloween!

Also, I want to report that the search for the perfect potato soup recipe is over. (Thanks Carissa!) I made the soup yesterday and it was everything I was hoping for. If anyone is interested in the recipe let me know and I will pass it on. I will have to think of another excuse to pull out all my cookbooks!

Tuesday, October 23


Starting to feel a little bit colder outside! I know fall has officially arrived because I had to get my portable heater out of the closet this morning here at the studio. (It is "whirring" along here beside me keeping my toes nice and toasty.)

When it gets cold out it makes me want to eat soup. It also makes me want to cook more. Naturally, I want to cook soup. For a while now I have been on the hunt for a good potato soup recipe. I have tried several different ones, but they fall a little short of what I think to be a great potato soup: thick, rich, chunky and cheesy. Now I feel is the perfect time to pull out all the cookbooks (one of my favorite things to do) and continue my search.

I'll keep you posted...

Monday, October 15

teddy bear wrestling

Today Max is five months old! This morning we took the monthly teddy bear pictures. They turned out pretty funny because Max attacked the poor little bear. (Gone are the days when I could prop him up and he would stay!)

Thursday, October 11


I think Max has the most beautiful eyelashes! I was looking through my photos on my computer last night and found a picture that showed them off.

Now that my show is completed I am thinking about continuing to work on some of my fun projects at home. (I have a really bad habit of starting a bunch of projects and not finishing them, so I need to go back to my unfinished stuff!) A while back I did some portraits of our dogs and was contemplating doing a big photo series for our house. I think the eyelashes picture would be a good addition to that series!

Tuesday, October 9

ducks in a row

I am feeling a little bit lighter this afternoon...all my paintings are framed and hanging at the Arts Depot! I spent all day yesterday framing everything, and then I delivered it all to Union City this morning. (Note to self: in the future when having an art show, do not wait until the last minute to frame everything!) It feels really strange to be here at the studio and not have paintings to do. I'm not sure what to do with myself!

Isn't it satisfying when you work really hard on something for a while, then it is finally finished? It was the best feeling last night when I had all my little paintings all sitting around me in the living room. They were all framed and stacked in organized rows. For the first time in a long time I felt like I had "all my ducks in a row." I am going to savor the feeling for as long as I can because I'm sure it won't last long!

The opening reception for my show is this Thursday from 5:30 to 6:30. All are welcome!

Tuesday, October 2

max, meet black dog

On Sunday afternoon I decided to take Max outside to play. I thought the dogs had run off somewhere, so I thought that we could lay in the shade on a blanket. Well, the dogs were around. I thought we would try the blanket thing, but I didn't think they would be able to stay off of it and leave Max alone. I wasn't so worried about Harley, he is very lazy usually things like this are too much effort for him. Black Dog was my concern.

I was surprised that the dogs were very well behaved! They sat very politely off to the side and let Max play in peace. (See photo 1.) We played like this for awhile until Black Dog couldn't stand it any longer. She inched her way (very rare for her to "inch" anywhere--she usually "bounds" and "attacks") unto the blanket to check out Max. (See photo 2.) I have never seen her so gentle!

Wednesday, September 26


It's been a while! I feel like I have been running around a lot lately--lots of painting, playing with Max, art lessons, etc. Needless to say I feel a bit on the scatterbrained side lately. I've been painting at home and at the studio so some of my art stuff is here, some at home. When I'm at the studio I need the stuff at home. At home I need the stuff that's at the studio.

Isn't that how it always works?

Saturday, September 15

art show, teddy bear

Last night Andrew and I attended the opening reception for "Open Space: Art About the Land" at Minnetrista Cultural Center. This show is in conjunction with Red Tail Conservancy, an organization that works to preserve local natural habitats. The show was really good. I love going to openings because it is so neat to see other work--it gives you ideas. Plus, I had three pieces in the show (yay!) so that was fun too. (In the picture one of my paintings is on the right below the sign.)

Today Max is 4 months old, so we had to do the monthly teddy bear picture. Too cute!

Hope everyone is having a good Saturday so far!

Thursday, September 13

a little space

This is a picture I took of Max while he was napping this morning. It was one of those times when the light was just right and I ran for the camera! I took some close-ups too, but for some reason I like this one because of the negative space that it has. Here's a short art lesson for you: The negative, or empty space is just as important as the positive or full space. (This should be review for Andrew, we had a discussion about this just the other day.) There have been lots of times when I see this empty wall in our house and thought that it needed something...

Today I thought the empty space was beautiful.

Wednesday, September 12

painting day

Working on a big painting today at the studio. It is of the sign out in front of the Chocolate Moose here in Farmland. I am really liking this painting. The colors are working nicely, composition is good, but mostly I like it because it has the word "chocolate" on it!

Tuesday, September 11

max likes to read

I have always loved books and reading. I especially love kids books. My childhood ambition was to be a children's book author/illustrator.
Andrew and I have started to read to Max, and I think he really likes it. I think he likes to eat the books as much as anything right now. Judging from the picture he finds his tractor book to be especially tasty.

Friday, September 7

are you ready for some football?

Last night I went to my first Colts game...very fun! I have never seen so many blue jerseys in all my life! The thing about the game that I was the most fascinated with was the NBC camera people. They were up on these big things that moved all around with a small tv on them that showed what people at home were seeing. It was so crazy to watch the timing of it all. (Not to mention how fast everything had to move! They were wearing little bungees so they didn't fall off their stands.) Here are some other random observations of my first NFL game:
1. When something good happens everyone high fives each other like they had something to do with it. (I was making fun of it until I caught myself doing it at the end of the game!)
2. Just because you pay $5 for nachos doesn't mean that they will be good.
3. People who dress up in the opposing team's colors don't act so tough after the game...(HA!)
4. There are so many random jobs that make the games happen: the "Run Behind the Camera Man Cord Guy", the "I Wear Yellow and Stand Around Security Guy", and of course, the "Hold the Funny Looking Plastic Sound Thing Guy."
Just some fun thoughts about the game...enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, September 4

crunch time

Last night Andrew and I were talking about my show and all the things that still need to be done. (You see, Andrew is my awesome frame maker, so the faster I can get my paintings done the earlier he can get to work.) The conversation went a little something like this:
ANDREW: When does your show start?
ME: Oct 11, but we hang it on the 5th.
ANDREW: So you need to be done painting the week before that so we have plenty of time for frames...
ME: OH NO...(followed by increased heart rate and a small ammount of panic.)

I have always been a bit of a procrastinator. I remember in my drawing 2 class at Ball State I sat next to a girl who always went home after class and worked that night on her drawings so she could relax on the weekends. Not me...I waited until I was pushed against the wall to get anything done.

So, when I was first approached about this show (A YEAR AGO!!!) I thought things would be different. Some things never change I guess. Just know that if you come to my show every piece will be "fresh" and "new". That's got to count for something, right?

Wednesday, August 29

something fun

Here's something fun that I found the other day: Big Huge Labs is a fun place to upload pictures and put frames on them, make posters, etc. I haven't had time to play around with too many things on there, but I did find that I like the stamp frame. (This site is extra fun because you just upload your pictures, then you can save them for free if you like them!)

Tuesday, August 21

"owning your talent"

"Each time I write a book, every time I face that yellow pad, the challenge is so great. I have written eleven books, but each time I think, 'Uh, oh, they're going to find out now. I've run a game on everybody and they're going to find me out.'"
-Maya Angelou

There is a great book that I turn back to time and again for inspiration. Simple Abundance is full good advice and thoughts about creating an authentic life. (It's a fun book to read because there is a page or so for every day of the year.) I haven't read this book in a while, and on Saturday I decided to see what it had to say for the day.

Wouldn't you know--it was just what I needed. I struggle all the time with "owning my talent". I feel like I am faking it most the time--that I am not really an artist, but I am just pretending to be. As I am getting ready for my show in October, these feelings are stronger...I worry that people will come to the show and that I will be "found out". Here's part of what I read about that:

"Many artists feel that they will be 'found out,' sooner or later--and probably sooner. For when we create, although we know that [God] works with us and through us, the work comes into the world with our name on it. This is the artist's struggle. If we don't create, we snuff out the divine spark. If we do create, we feel we're showing a false face to the world because we know we didn't do it alone, even if nobody else does."
"But the struggle and the scam stop once we cease denying our talent and become willing to own it--humbly, gratefully, and respectfully--and then share it with the world."

Something to think about...

Friday, August 17


Today Max and I went for a walk in Farmland. (It is beautiful out! Not too hot!) Now we are back at the studio napping and painting. (Max is napping and I am painting. I think Max is very smart, but painting at 3 months would be just crazy!) I am happy to report that the big painting that I started the other day is working nicely so far. We'll see how it goes!

Happy Friday to everyone...enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, August 16

pencil drawing

As promised, this is the new drawing from yesterday. It is a graphite drawing on a beautiful tan paper. (The paper almost feels like suede--very soft and nice to draw on.) This is a view of the "south side" of Farmland: the Pizza King, etc. I love doing little drawings like these. My favorite is to actually sit outside and draw them from life instead of a photograph. Hopefully when it cools down a little I can take some of my students outside and make some that way!

Wednesday, August 15

painting of home

Art notes:
Here is another new little painting: it is of the pathway that leads from our barn down to the creek. I started a small pencil drawing this morning that is promising...I will probably share that one tomorrow. I think I have narrowed down which photo I want to make into a large painting. If all goes well I will start it this afternoon.

Max note:
Today Max is exactly 3 months old! I attempted to take his monthly teddy bear pictures this morning, but he was very busy falling over and eating his hands. I think I will need Andrew's help tonight to get some good ones!

Monday, August 13

fun day

Yesterday Max and I went to my Mom's house for the afternoon. I took this picture of him in Mom's sun room. Look how big he is getting! We both had fun yesterday: Max played with "Nana" while I did some swimming in the pool. It was the first time that I have been swimming in a long time! I felt like a kid! Here are a couple other kid things I did yesterday:

read a fun book
ate a Ding Dong (yum!)
wore a goofy hat and sunglasses (at the same time!)
laughed until my stomach hurt

You would think that the majority of these "kid" things were things that I did with Max, but oddly enough only the book one was! Obviously he is too little for Ding Dongs, so that was all me. I had to wear the sunglasses and the hat at the same time because I am very fair and had to protect myself from the sun while I was in the pool. The laughing was with Andrew.

I enjoyed all the kid things so much that I think I will try to do them more often!

Tuesday, August 7

new paintings

I've been working on some little watercolor/graphite pieces based on the photos that I took last week. So far they are very fun! They are very illustrative...I feel like I am simply recording all the things around me. I have a couple pictures that I would love to see as a big painting, but I am struggling with the big paintings lately. (The two paintings pictured are both small: 5x7).

I think this particular series of paintings will be very special to me because Max has been right there with me the whole time while I have been working on them. I set up shop at home at the kitchen table and he sits right next to me while I work. I ask him if he likes the paintings as I go, and he just smiles so I assume that means that he does.

Thursday, August 2

photo "safari"

Last night after dinner at the Chocolate Moose, Andrew and Max went around downtown Farmland with me to do a photo "safari". Basically we walked around town and snapped some pictures of interesting things. I was trying to find some new subjects to paint.
Here are some things we found: (check out "super baby" at the bottom!)

Wednesday, August 1

sweet corn freezing world record

Yesterday I think we might of set the world record for the amount of sweet corn frozen in a single day. (Probably not, but it felt like it!) I told my dad that I wanted to freeze some corn, probably about 20 dozen or so. When he dropped of the corn yesterday morning he mentioned that he might of gotten carried away and picked too much. There was quite a mountain of corn in my yard, but it didn't seem too bad. We ended up freezing 40 dozen! (For anyone who has never frozen corn before, it is a very long and sticky process.) My mom and my grandparents were the main force of the operation. (Luckily I had a couple art lessons so I missed the shucking part. That is the worst!) Max was there too...he wasn't much help, but he was very cute.

Even though it was a long day of corn freezing, it was really fun. It was nice spending time with my mom and my grandparents...even if we were up to our elbows in corn!

Tuesday, July 31

morning person?

I have never considered myself a morning person before, but now I feel like I might be turning into one. There is something about the early morning hours that makes me feel productive. Maybe it is because I don't wake up to a traditional alarm clock anymore. (My new alarm clock's name is Max.) He usually wakes me about 4 or 5. Sometimes after eating he will go back to sleep, but today he wanted to be up for the day. These times are usually fun...just me and my little guy hanging out. I felt like I had a jump start on the day--taking a bath really early, having some coffee, reading.

Don't get me wrong...I would still love to sleep in a little later, but lately I'm liking the early hours.

Wednesday, July 25

painting progress

The new painting with the house in it is coming along...I'm just not sure about it at this point! It has reached a dangerously ugly stage. (See post for March 21.) It is very close to becoming a bunch of bookmarks.

Sometimes I spend too much time trying to get ready to work on my paintings. I feel like I need to go through my sketchbook or surf the net for ideas before I start. (This is ok sometimes, but bad when I spend all my painting time doing "research".) I have found a really neat "research" site for crafty folks like myself: This is where artists of all kinds set up little shops where they can sell their artwork and crafts. Check it out, but be warned. You may be like me and spend too much time looking!

Tuesday, July 24

wedding weekend

This past weekend my brother Cale got married. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding...the weather was perfect. Andrew and I were both in the wedding so we were all spiffed up. (Max was also looking spiffy at the wedding in his new outfit.) It is so much fun to get all dressed up once in a while!

This week in my studio I am still staying with my "no freaking out plan." I took inventory of my paintings and realized that I have more completed than I thought. Yay! I am currently working on a big piece that centers around a simple picture of a house. I am hoping to get that one done this week. (If I do I will share some pictures!)

Wednesday, July 18

"no freaking out plan": day 2

I am happy to report that day 2 of my "no freaking out plan" is going well. I came into the studio early today before my lessons to get in an hour of painting time. I don't know why I didn't think of this plan earlier. Do you ever find that you just need to get out of your own way? I am finding that if I just take all my worries and step aside that God takes over and it is all ok.

On another note:

I am taking TONS of pictures of Max. I have always been interested in photography, but have never had such an adorable subject to practice on! One of my favorite things to do is look at other photographer's work on the internet. Here is a photographer who's work I really love.

Tuesday, July 17

teddy bear pictures

On Sunday we took Max's picture with his teddy bear again. (He's two months old now.) I can't believe how much he has changed in just one month's time!

It is really coming down to the wire with my upcoming art show. I have decided not to freak out...(something new I am trying). Instead I think I will break it down into manageable chunks. I bet if I spend just an hour a day working my paintings will start coming along. No worrying/freaking out/crying necessary.

I will report how this new plan works...

Wednesday, July 11

new snack obsession

Do you ever get hooked on a certain snack? I tend to go in cycles with my favorite snack foods...I pick one thing and eat it like crazy until I get sick of it. Then I pick a new one.

My current favorite snack is Stauffer's animal crackers. There are several reasons why I love them:
They come in a huge bag.
They are pretty cheap.
They are just sweet enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.
They are easy to eat with one hand while you are holding a baby.
They are a good vehicle for things like icing. (Yum!!)

They funny thing about these crackers is that you can't really tell what animal they are supposed to be. I was thrilled to find out that there is a website to help with this! If you too are curious about your animal crackers check this out.

Tuesday, July 3

studio baby

Today my mom came to the studio with Max and me to do a little bit of cleaning up before I start my art lessons up next week. I feel so lucky that I am able to do work that I love and that I can bring my baby with me! I am excited to see all my art students again and eager to work on pieces for my show. Look for more frequent posts next week!

Tuesday, June 26

skimming the surface

As a new mom, one of the things that I have very quickly learned is that most of the time you skim the surface of the things that you used to do. For example:

You go to the store, but don't browse.
Read the paper, but only the most interesting articles. (Which for me is the comics--does that count as an article?)
Take a shower, but that's about it: no lotion, makeup etc.
Clean the wait, that doesn't happen much any more. Ha!

It is funny how fast priorities change once you have a baby!

Tuesday, June 19

fun pictures

How fun are these pictures? I took them last week...every month on the 15th I'm going to take Max's picture with the same teddy bear so we can see how big he is getting in relation to it. I captured some pretty funny faces! I would write more today, but I am typing with one hand (holding Max with the other) and it is taking a while!

Friday, June 15


Do you ever have a moment when you realize how much you have to be thankful for? I've been having lots of moments like those lately!

As father's day is approaching, I am so thankful for Andrew and what a great dad is he already. It has been so great to see him with Max so far, and I am excited to watch them together in the future. Andrew has big plans for Max that include big horses and other scary things for moms, so I am a little nervous. (By the way...Max is 1 month old today! I can't believe it!)

On an art note...I started a new sketchbook/journal yesterday. I am hoping to find some new inspiration for my upcoming show. (I bet I will because I feel like I am a different person now that I am a mom!)

Wednesday, June 13

sweet smiles

The moment I had been waiting for happened yesterday...Max gave me his first little "social smile". He has been smiling a lot, but I think up until this point they had all been gas related. (Don't get me wrong, the gas smiles are very sweet too!) Andrew and I were talking to Max yesterday morning about all kinds of things. I starting telling Andrew about how Max was about to outgrow his newborn diapers and we were going to have to buy "big boy" size 1 diapers. I started going on and on about how he was such a big boy, etc. This is when Max grinned with his whole face...even his little eyes lit up!

This little smile made my day...I can't wait for the next one!

Saturday, June 2

been a little busy...

We've been a little bit busy lately...our new baby joined us on May 15th! It is so surreal that the little guy I was waiting for is finally here! I am just now feeling like I am part of the world again, so hopefully soon Max will be able to join me here in the studio for some little painting sessions.

Before I go, here are some quick observations I have made on "mommyhood" so far:

Now that I am a mom, I have never felt more young and childlike! It probably has something to do with not knowing quite what I am doing! (Yikes!)

I can now take a shower in record time.

I have a new understanding and closeness with my own mom.

I feel like I am in a state of constant prayer...(I'm sure that is something that will continue as Max grows!)

Monday, May 14

mother's day

Andrew decided that I was close enough to being a mom on mother's day that I deserved a little present. He got me some beautiful hanging flower baskets for the front porch. Pretty and pink...I love them!

I had some flowers on the front porch last year but they weren't as pretty as these. (I must confess that I was not very good at watering them...they would get very droopy before I remembered!) I am going to be better about watering my new flowers. I got a new handy hose attachment today that makes it very easy, so I do not have an excuse!

Friday, May 11

away in a manger...

We still haven't had our baby yet, but someone else at our place gave birth recently...and it wasn't the birds in the garage hatching.

Andrew decided to put the horses in the barn last night because he was doing a little weed killing around the pasture. (It would be bad if they decided to eat the treated weeds!) Anyway, he put the horses in and discovered a litter of 6 kittens! They were in one of the mangers in the barn! The babies just barely have their eyes open. So cute!

Hopefully I can get a picture of our new arrivals soon!

Thursday, May 10

waiting activities

So, here's what I've been up to since the "waiting" started:

running errands (oil change, shopping, etc.)
daytime tv (no soap operas, stuff like the today show)
cleaning, laundry
quality time with the dogs
helping friends with projects

That's about it for now. I wish I had more eventful things to write about! As for the bird in our garage, she is still waiting also. No sign of any babies yet. I feel sorry for her because she has to sit in the same spot and wait, at least I can get out and do some things!

Monday, May 7

beautiful day for waiting

What a beautiful day today...a good day for waiting! The due date for our baby is now only a week away! I finished up with all my art lessons last week, so now I am just tying up loose ends and waiting! It is funny how hard waiting can be sometimes...especially when you don't know how long the waiting will last.

Don't get me wrong, I have plenty of stuff that can keep me busy until the baby gets here: paintings that need to be done, projects that need finished, cleaning the house, etc. It is just getting harder and harder to focus on these things!

I thought I would share a new little painting with you today...more acrylic and india ink on an old book page. It is another little one--only 4x4". I am liking these little paintings right now, so I think I will stick with them as long as I am having fun. (Plus, a large painting would take a little more focus, which is an issue right now!)

PS: The bird in our garage is still perched on her nest, so no
sign of any baby birds yet...

Thursday, May 3

fellow "nester"

I have been continuing to nest around the house as the due date for my baby gets closer. (Cleaning, organizing, etc.) I have discovered that I am not alone in getting my nest ready...a little bird has decided that our garage would be the best place to have her babies.

At first I didn't realize that this bird had a nest in the garage. All I knew was that everytime I went to get into the car a bird flew out and scared me. I didn't really think too much of it. Then I found her nest perched up on top of a basketball game of Andrew's. By the time I told Andrew about it, she had allready laid her eggs, and it broke my heart to think of moving it. So, as we speak, a little bird is "nesting" in the garage.

As I mentioned before, the bird gets very scared when I went into the garage and flew around like crazy. One day she was so freaked out that she flew into the net of the basketball game and got stuck for a while. I was very upset about this! So, I have found that if I sing a little song as I go in she will just sit there and not fly away. I feel silly, but I'm just trying to help another future mom out a little bit!

I am just curious as to who is going to have her baby first: me or the bird?

Monday, April 30


Today I saw one of the cutest things: a horse reunion. Why was this cute? Let me give you some background:

We have 2 horses at our house: Midnight and Ope. Midnight is a "regular" horse, and Ope is a miniature. They are very good friends...or it looks like they are to me. They are always together in the pasture and enjoy running around together. Yesterday Ope got loaded up into the trailer to make a trip to the blacksmith. (He was having some foot issues I guess.) Well, Midnight was NOT happy about this. He ran around by the fence and made lots of noise. (If he had reared up on his back legs it would have looked like a scene from Black Beauty.)

Today Midnight was still carrying on: running around, making loud noises, etc. I happened to be home for lunch when Andrew's dad Max brought Ope home. I was glad I got to see the horse reunion: Midnight perked up at the sight of his little friend. As soon as Ope made it back to the pasture the two horses took off running and playing as usual. I am so glad that Ope is home because I didn't think I could take much more of Midnight's seperation anxiety!

Thursday, April 26


I read a really good article about dreams and visions in the May issue of Real Simple magazine. Here's a little excerpt:

"Nothing really big, bold, or beautiful was ever created in a country, in a company, in a family, or in a life without a clear picture of what it would look like, of how it would be. Walt Disney was well aware of this when he created the Magic Kingdom, in Florida. It's said that he told the executives planning the theme park to 'build the castle first.' The castle was where the magic would be, and Disney seemed to think that if the designers, the engineers, and the workers had the castle to look at for inspiration, they could do all the hard stuff it would take to bring the Magic Kingdom to life."

For some reason this really struck me: it is one thing to have big dreams, but to see it through it really takes vision. It left me wondering: what is the "castle" for me, my family, my life?

Wednesday, April 25


Here are some little drawings I did of my pretty tulips. I hadn't sat down and just drawn something in a long time. It is such good practice to just do a little drawing for its own sake: not for a painting, not for a larger artwork. Drawing just to draw.

Sometimes I forget that drawing was my first artistic "love"...I was a drawing specialization in college even. It seemed like everyone else was pursuing more exotic options like ceramics and painting, but I chose to dig into this very fundamental media. I have thoughts that maybe I should just draw--put watercolor to the side for a while and go back to what I first loved. It is an idea...

Tuesday, April 24


I wanted to share a pretty picture of some tulips that my mother-in-law gave me yesterday. Aren't they pretty? She said that they were not doing so good in her flower bed due to the cold, so she wanted me to enjoy them while they lasted. It was a nice treat to get some flowers on a Monday!

Monday, April 23

donatello stops by...

One of my art students brought by her newest friend...a tiny baby turtle named Donatello. (How appropriate that Donatello would come to the art studio...since the original Donatello was a famous artist. This is not why he was named this, I was informed. It was after one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles--which I guess are making a comeback.) Donatello also made the rounds to kindergarten show and tell today where he was a huge hit.

I remember being a kid and finding a little nature treasure like this and being so happy. My brother and I found several baby bunnies one summer that we tried to nurture to adulthood. It never worked and they always died shortly after we found them. I am sure that turtles are much hartier than bunnies and that Donatello will grow and thrive.

I sure hope so anyway!

Thursday, April 19

yellow post-its everywhere

I have always loved making lists...especially to-do lists. Currently I am keeping all my to-do lists on these "super sticky" lined post-its. (I think if you are a list person, you also tend to love post-its!) These post-its are everywhere: on the computer, in my calendar, on my desk and in my sketchbook. Even though I love both to-do lists and post-its, I think I am starting to be overwhelmed by them:

I now have lists for here at the studio, lists for home, lists for things to remember, lists of ideas, lists of things to do before the baby gets here, shopping lists, etc. A fraction of what I put on the list actually gets done, then at the end of the day I am disappointed in myself.

Even though I usually set myself up for failure with all my lists I think I will continue to make them for the simple fact that nothing beats the satisfaction of actually getting to cross something off of it!

Wednesday, April 18

oh man

We are in the process of major reconstruction here at the Leaning Tower of Pisa...I mean studio. I had some major leakage in my back work and storage areas so a new roof was in order. It is looking very bad out there at the moment, and it is very interesting inside as small things keep falling through the ceiling. I keep telling myself that someday it will all be worth it, and the building will be watertight and beautiful.

In the meantime I may have my art students wear helmets as they work.

Tuesday, April 17

I need an editor...

Just noticed that I spelled urges a new way in my post yesterday: "erges". How embarrassing...that isn't even a word that you can spell wrong and not notice it! I always read through what I write, but this time I didn't catch anything. I have never been the greatest speller, and to make it worse, I am not very good at proofreading.

I don't know about you, but when I realize that I made a mistake (whatever it may be) I am very hard on myself. I have always been a bit of a perfectionist, and I think to a point that is a good thing. Being a perfectionist makes you work very hard and push yourself to do your best. It is not a good thing when you can't allow yourself to make mistakes or it paralyzes you and prevents you from moving forward for fear of making mistakes. I think this is why I am having such a rough time with my paintings for the show--I am putting so much pressure on myself that I am not allowing myself the freedom to make some mistakes along the way.

That said, hopefully there aren't any spelling errors in this...if there are please don't mention it. (I will be way to hard on myself!)

Monday, April 16

4 weeks left...

I can't quite wrap my brain around the fact that we have only 4 weeks left until our baby will be here! (4 weeks until our due date, which is May 14th. The baby could be sooner or later, I don't think they care much about due dates!) Last night I put together our little baby swing. I have been doing lots of laundry, and thinking about packing the hospital bag.

It is hard to explain the weird feeling that you have to get everything in order and ready now. (Cleaning, planning, buying all the baby stuff, etc.) It is not like all the stores will close after the baby is born, but you kinda feel that way! I feel like I need to get everything all ready to go right now.

Needless to say, the painting has taken a back burner to all these planning and cleaning erges! I had high hopes to have lots of paintings finished at this point so I could relax a little bit about my show in October. No such luck!

Thursday, April 12

date night

Last night Andrew and I went to our second childbirth class. I think we have decided to make these little class nights like a date night because we (Andrew espcecially) have been super busy lately and haven't had time to do a date night on a weekend.

There are advantages to making Wednesdays a night to go out to eat, the number one reason being that the crowds are not an issue. Last Wednesday we went to Puerto Vallarta so we didn't want to go there again. (Even though it is a very "happy place"!) So, we though long and hard and decided on Greeks Pizzeria in the BSU village. Yummy. It was nice because we pretty much had the place to ourselves. (Plus I have always loved the quaint little red and white checkered tablecloths!)

Andrew and I recommend the Gourmet House is the best! It has these little meatballs on it that are super good. It usually comes with feta cheese (our favorite part) but we had to skip that because that kind of cheese is not good for the baby. (One of the many sacrafices we will undoubtedly make for our child!)

Tuesday, April 10

the amazon diversion

I love to read...and I always have enjoyed all things books. When I was younger I used to read several books at the same time. I struggle with that now, but I still love to have a book going all the time. When I was in college I worked at a bookstore part time. Lots of times I felt like a big portion of my paycheck went back to them because I was buying books all the time!

My new favorite thing book related is the personalized wishlist you can create on Very fun! After you make your list they even suggest things for you! So, before you know it your wish list is miles long and is filled with books that you didn't even know existed! I can spend lots of time playing with my wish list...too much time probably. I have all kinds of books on there: art books, children's books, inspirational books, and fiction books.

The sad part about all this is that I probably spend more time reading about books than I do reading the actual books themselves!

Monday, April 9

something different

Last week I allowed myself some time to do a little experimenting. I was glad that I did because I came up with this little collage series. I started painting and drawing directly onto old book pages, then I attached the pages to a piece of watercolor paper with some matte medium. I was getting into a rut with my paintings, and feeling like I wasn't gettting anywhere, so this little diversion was fun. I am thinking about trying some similar ideas with some bigger paintings this week. I will be sure to post the results!