Tuesday, July 15

new kitty

About two weeks ago we got new kittens. They are so cute, and the kids are really enjoying them. Especially Ada:
This picture cracks me up. The cat is making eye contact with me--sending out a slight look of desperation. Ada's kitten is named Mittens, and that little cat is the most tolerant thing I've ever seen. I don't know why she doesn't just run and hide whenever she sees Ada coming for her, but she doesn't. She gets lots of love and squeezes. We are learning about proper ways to hold a cat: under the arms, not around the neck. Hold them tight, but not too tight.

Slowly she is learning. Mittens is glad!

Tuesday, July 8


We had a very simple Fourth of July. Not many plans, really just us at home playing in the yard. At first I was feeling bad, like I needed to do something with the kids in order to truly celebrate. Then I realized that our Independence Day, a wonderfully free day was just perfect. Free to run, free to play.

Andrew did bring home some fireworks "for the kids." All of my kids loved them. Wink. Then, I took these pictures and the day was complete. These make me want to cry. Everyday them at their best:

Hope your weekend was great!

Wednesday, July 2

(fancy) strawberry picking

Sometimes (more like all the time) time goes by so fast and I don't have time to blog. I love this little space, and I miss it when my schedule is crazy and there just isn't time. When so much time goes by without a post I never know where to start! So, today I just found a somewhat recent photo that I wanted to share.

Last year we moved our little strawberry patch from its little spot on the ground into one of our raised garden boxes. They did so much better in the box! We usually only have enough strawberries to nibble on while we play outside, but this season there was enough that I froze a few batches. Honestly though, I don't think it gets much better than a warm little strawberry right out of the garden. My favorite way by far to enjoy them.

My girls love to be fancy, and berry picking proved to be no exception:

Those bruised little legs just say "summer", don't you think? Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, June 23

ladies night

The boys went to a horse pull last night, so it was just me and the girlies. Our night involved swimsuits, sand, the hose...

A good night. I know that it has been nothing but "crickets" here for a couple weeks…we always have a lot going on! (Sometimes it is just nights like you just saw, but lately it has been lots of other things. I have fun things to share--like the wedding we hosted here at our home! That was the big event I hinted at a while back!)

Thank you so much for everyone who stops by to see what we've been up to! Hope your Monday is great!

Wednesday, June 4

the eyes have it

Just a little experimental photo of my wide-eyed Ada girl. Dirty face and all.

Monday, June 2

a long time favorite

I love it when the flowers start blooming. The peonies bloomed last week, so I promptly gathered some up for my table:
I like the white ones, but I think I may need to add some pink ones to our yard sometime. I love having flowers for the house. I find that I tend to keep my kitchen table cleared off if I have a pretty jar of flowers sitting on it. A little luxury. The peonies are a long time favorite, and I am lucky that I have some right in our yard. Another favorite flower is the dahlia. This year I ordered a few tubers to give those a try. We'll see how they come along. I planted them a little while ago and I think I have one starting to come through the ground. (I am totally impatient and started to dig and poke around where I planted them to see if they are growing. I bet this is not listed in the book of good dahlia tips.)

Hope your Monday is great!

Friday, May 30

ross & mackenzi

Happy Friday afternoon! As promised, I have wedding pictures to share! Two weeks ago Sarah and I photographed a beautiful and fun wedding. The groom, Ross, has been a family friend forever, has worked for my dad, and now lives in my grandparents' house. Also, back in the day he and my Max were BFFs:
Max was two in that picture! Too cute. 

So, when Ross's beautiful bride-to-be contacted me about pictures for their big day I was really excited. Their wedding day was absolutely full of DIY goodness. If they could make it, they did! Here are some of my favorites from the day:

Aren't they both "ridiculously good looking"? Name that movie...

Mackenzi has the best smile/laugh. The kind that travels all the way up to the eyes. Love it!

Congrats Ross and Mackenzi! It really was such a great day. Wishing you both the very best!

Hop on over to Sarah's blog if you want to see a few more!